Competitive business leaders are challenging their organizations to transform by harnessing digital technologies to create more effective ways of doing business, accelerate innovation, and deliver better customer experiences. As a result, there is greater reliance on IT to drive outcomes as the key enabler of business transformation. The backbone of every IT environment is its network, as it’s where all information stored by the enterprise resides, and where entitled users access what they need, when they need it, to innovate, grow and succeed.

Proper lifecycle management of a network can turn a horse drawn buggy ambling down a dirt road into a sports car cruising a newly paved highway.  In other words, helping businesses focus on how IT can drive the business forward and spend less time on networking or system tasks.

However, this requires a balancing act. IT is challenged with talent gaps, resources, and budget, which can slow down digital transformation, or even make it elusive. IT needs to understand not only the network’s potential to significantly assist with business transformation, but how to implement, optimize and manage that solution.

As a result, there is increased demand for IT service providers. In 2017, IDC conducted a Global Digital Transformational (DX) Leader Survey and found that 69% of respondents said they lacked the right people, knowledge, and technology to transform, with 94% looking to third-party suppliers or new hires.

Driving innovation has become a top reason organizations are undergoing digital transformation initiatives to remain competitive. Cisco, with over 50 million networks installed, has created a lifecycle of service offerings that are strategically aligned to provide enterprises and service providers the expertise they need to innovate in an ever-changing IT landscape.

To evaluate the impact of these services on their IT costs, IT operations, and business, IDC conducted a Business Value Analysis of Cisco Services. Interviews revealed that Cisco Services is helping these organizations navigate changing business environments with speed and ease while positioning them to provide cost-effective and efficient IT operations.

To learn more about how Cisco Services can help your organization overcome the IT challenges of today to enable faster digital transformation and accelerate innovation, read the IDC Business Value Analysis of Cisco Services.



Rob Brothers

Vice President, Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Services