Customers and consumers are becoming more demanding – customers want it faster, bigger, better; consumers crave connections – give us what we want and when we want it!

When I talk to customers, regardless of sector, everyone tells me that they need to transform to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. This puts pressure on IT departments as they are expected to build innovative solutions, while delivering their business objectives. This requires two transformations: technology and business – and you need to deliver both at the same time.

How to become a digital transformation hero

How can we deliver on these demands while providing customer-value every day?

In this new fast-paced changing world, implementation and technology support alone are no longer good enough – we are asked to help with:

  1. getting to business outcomes faster from your technology
  2. operating in this new world of SaaS and cloud
  3. keeping your IT teams relevant by narrowing the skills gap in the new complex digital environment

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) has adopted a lifecycle model to make sure customers get to true value, faster. By adopting this approach with our partners, we can support customer onboarding, training and, ultimately, the adoption of their technology. And, with our new dual certifications for networking and software, your team can gain the latest capabilities to lead in this brave new world.

No longer business-as-usual

In 2008, the large software companies realised that customers were not utilising all of their technology. So, to help them adopt and benefit from their purchases, they launched ‘customer success’ built on telemetry to help customers understand their technology utilisation – or lack of it. This required the software companies to run reports and give read-outs to customers.

Fast forward to January 2020 and Cisco Customer Service (CX) has given customer insights a super charge, with a super power called Collaborative Intelligence. This is a digital-first customer-friendly way to understand your own telemetry and data to get full visibility into your network to make informed decisions – faster.

It is built upon 30-years of combined Cisco, partners’ and customers’ telemetry with added real customer use cases, contextual learning – powering it all through Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And, we put this real-time knowledge and power into the hands of the customer directly.

Why I am so enthusiastic?

In my 20-year career, this is the most exciting development in Customer Success, seamlessly bringing together the human touch with the digital experience – to deliver a unique, empowering and exciting experience for our customers. We will give you the tools, insight and automation to make your life easier. Pilots start later this year – this will be the future of super success for our customers. We always knew YOU were the hero of IT, by working with Cisco Customer Experience (CX) you can become the hero of your digital transformation!

How to find out more?

To hear how to get some new superpowers, attend my keynote in person at Cisco Live Barcelona, or watch virtually from the comfort of your home through our Cisco Live broadcast stream.

Alistair Wildman - Cisco Live Barcelona opening Keynote



Alistair Wildman

Senior Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)