Imagine our planet as a vast network — not of technology and devices, but of life.

Earth Month invites us, as stewards of this global network, to initiate impactful changes, both small and significant, in our daily lives. Over the last two years, I’ve committed to a personal challenge that aligns with our corporate ethos of sustainability. I’ve eliminated plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups from my routine, even while traveling.

Take a moment to visualize a reusable water bottle – a simple, yet powerful tool in our sustainability kit. This bottle has accompanied me across various landscapes and through numerous experiences, becoming a symbol of my commitment to the environment. Each refill represents a small victory: a plastic bottle saved from the fate of recycling or landfill.

Using a reusable water bottle every day instead of a single-use plastic one can impact your carbon footprint.

Based on the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable data, a 500-milliliter plastic water bottle contributes approximately 82.8 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. If you were to consume one such bottle daily for a year, the emissions would add up to over 30 kilograms (about 67 pounds) of carbon dioxide. By opting for a reusable bottle, you can avoid these emissions and take an active step towards reducing your individual environmental impact.

Our organization, Cisco, has set ambitious environmental goals: achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our value chain by 2040 and 100% of new Cisco products and packaging to incorporate Circular Design Principles by fiscal year 2025. These initiatives mirror our company’s mission to power an inclusive future for all, one where environmental stewardship is paramount.  And in that future, Mother Nature has a voice:

While these corporate goals are crucial, individual actions play an equally important role. My journey began with a simple water bottle, and I encourage each of you to consider how your choices can contribute to a greater collective impact.

What steps can you take, not only during Earth Month but year-round, to protect our planet?

Here are a few actionable ideas for you to consider:

I invite you to reflect on these suggestions and consider integrating them into your daily routine. Your contributions, no matter how small they may seem, can lead to positive changes for our planet. Share your thoughts and additional ideas with our global community.

Together, we can help forge a path toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.


For Cisco employees, there are additional resources at your disposal (links for internal audiences only):



Jason McLaurin

Vice President, CX Americas

Global Enterprise