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Technology is evolving at lightning speed and with each innovation comes the promise of making our lives easier or our businesses more profitable and efficient. The daily deluge of information about technology advancements can make us numb to it all. However, Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, is one technology evolution you cannot and should not ignore. The 802.11ax standard is the first major wireless update since 2014. It will completely transform Wi-Fi connectivity and enable new mobile applications with enhanced capabilities yet to be seen. Wi-Fi 6 supports lower latency and can achieve speeds up to four times faster than the current 802.11ac standard. Increased device density for Wi-Fi 6 will deliver a better and more reliable experience in crowded environments like stadiums, convention centers, airports and campuses.

Cisco recently announced a lineup of new Wi-Fi 6 ready products including Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series access points. Innovative and reliable products have been synonymous with Cisco for more than 30 years and these sleek new access points are no different. They work with previous generation controller hardware and are backward compatible with prior Wi-Fi standards, offering many migration options.

But, what really brings the products we love to a whole new level? Let’s face it, those truly amazing and complete experiences we all can relate to always combine great customer service with incredible products. It’s not one or the other. Without both something seems to be missing. Think about it. The food at that new restaurant everyone is talking about is out of this world… but the service is absolutely lousy. That expensive new smart home entertainment system is a dream come true…but the installation team and support staff an epic fail. You get the picture. Even with the very best products, a lack of reliable service and expertise you can count on leaves you wanting. When we take this beyond our personal experiences, the impact is much greater when the success of an entire business or a complex IT project is at stake.

As mobile user demands outpace IT and the rapid pace of technology innovation continues, IT managers are being stretched beyond their limits while facing new challenges each day. This can overwhelm even the most seasoned IT professionals. Relying on expert guidance, proven processes, best practices and state-of-the art tools help minimize risk and disruption and enable faster innovation so companies can stay focused on their core IT and business operations. But, Wi-Fi 6 is about more than just increased speed and bandwidth. It needs to encompass a transformation across technology, people and processes. New 802.11ax enabled solutions open up many new opportunities and new ways for businesses to operate so successful and seamless deployment is critical.

Wondering how to get started with this transformation? The Cisco Customer Experience team will start by working closely with your IT staff to understand your business and technical requirements and ensure that your architecture, physical sites, and operations are ready to adopt Wi-Fi 6. While onsite, our wireless experts perform tests to measure RF propagation, coverage, interference, and signal quality, and verify the WLAN infrastructure can adjust to dynamic environmental changes. They’ll assess your current environment, identify areas of risk, highlight opportunities for improvement, and determine next steps for a successful migration so you get the most value from your WLAN deployment.

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Barb Rigel

Marketing Manager

Internet of Things, Connected Transportation