IT teams are under more pressure than ever before. They have to deliver connectivity and collaboration tools, all in a secure way and at scale to enable working from home. We know this puts businesses, relying on the skills of their IT teams, at the forefront. Your skills in programming, automation, software development, networking, security and collaboration are the ones that will allow business to not only continue, but to thrive. Cisco is here to help, and we’ve shared best practices for business continuity as well as a number of free product offers, including access to Cisco Webex, to help companies navigate IT through the pandemic. We’re partnering across Cisco to create new and better solutions, quickly. For instance, our Cisco DevNet and Cisco IT teams recently came together to develop and share code, on the DevNet Automation Exchange, to help call centers in India enable their employees to work from home more effectively.

We also know that you are actively working to create solutions of your own, to enable connectivity, collaboration and security for your business. We believe that now is a critical time to intensify collaboration, and our capability for collaboration, not only across Cisco but across the entire IT community. It’s a time to come together to help each other and to help businesses across the globe succeed. That’s why we’re building a new forum to Share IT Solutions, to solve the IT challenges you’re facing today and to share best practices for business continuity.

What is Share IT Solutions?

Share IT Solutions is a community forum to enable business continuity where IT professionals can share their IT challenges, get input from the community and share best practices that enable businesses to thrive. It’s a space where customers, partners, IT managers, developers and IT practitioners can come together to support each other through this unprecedented time. By combining our collective expertise and guidance, we’re confident that we can help each other solve the IT challenges we’re facing and create new best practices that will make our networks, collaboration tools and IT systems stronger than ever. When we work together and share, it’s a powerful combination – anything is possible.

Share IT Solutions

To engage the community, you can visit developer.cisco.com/shareitsolutions.

Stronger than before

So, let’s come out of this stronger than we were before, with IT systems, networks and APIs that are more secure, automated, efficient and faster than they’ve ever been. With tools that make it easy to connect and work from anywhere. Let’s create a whole new beginning for IT. Stronger than before. Built together.

To get started, tune in to the Cisco Live Virtual Event Broadcast.


Susie Wee


Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Success