One of my favorite things I get to do in my role at Cisco is talk about our amazing customers. In fact, I usually get the honor of writing the blog about our CX Customer Hero Award Winners at events like Cisco Live 2023 a few weeks back.

Being able to celebrate our customers’ successes is always a highlight at events, but customer innovation, hard work, and engagement with Cisco Customer Experience (CX) aren’t limited to just a handful of big events each year. Those efforts continue around the clock, every day of the year.

I also have the honor of leading a team of professionals who identify customers with amazing stories; engage with those customers; and publish a wealth of incredible CX customer stories throughout the year. With that in mind, I am going to share many of these stories with you, between our large customer events.

First up is a recent story from Trident Technical College in South Carolina. As the largest technical college in the state, Trident Technical College has nearly 12,000 students enrolled each year. Former student, and current CIO of Trident Technical College, MG Mitchum was looking to provide secure, accessible, and innovative educational services. He and his team worked with Cisco Services to provide a seamless experience for students to access data and learn more effectively.

I can go on about it, as it’s a great story, but I cannot tell it any better than MG Mitchum himself. I encourage you to take a moment and hear what the CIO had to say about working with the Cisco Services team.

As you saw, Trident Technical College needed to provide a secure network experience for students. They had a limited set of resources, including IT staff, and they still needed to deploy new technologies without disrupting service. The CX team was able to help Trident Technical College with those challenges, and most importantly, they helped the college maximize its investment in Cisco products they already owned. If you would like to see the full suite of Cisco solutions used in this story, you can get more details on our “Securely delivering education at Trident Technical College” story page.

Of course, this is just one selected highlight from all the great CX customer stories I get to see regularly. To explore more of our customer stories, please visit our Customer Stories Index – a catalog of stories highlighting how Cisco services customers are transforming and innovating to drive impact in their organizations and across the world. I’ll continue to pick some of these to feature along the way.

More importantly, if you are interested in sharing your own customer story, connect with us at cxcustomerstories@cisco.com. We’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned and follow @CiscoCX on Twitter for more CX updates.

Don’t have a story to tell just yet? Our team can help you build it, along with your network.


James Turrell

Head of CX Marketing and Communications

Customer Experience