A few weeks back I shared one of our latest customer stories on Trident Technical College. If you missed that blog, I’d recommend checking it out, but If you are limited on time and just want the latest story, then let’s talk about Puntonet. This is another great story that highlights how customers like Puntonet are succeeding with help from CX.

Puntonet, a telecommunications and IT services company headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, collaborated with Cisco Services to optimize its network so subscribers had access to fast, reliable, and secure internet services. Let’s hear directly from Roberto Falconi Cardona, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Puntonet S.A on how that collaboration worked.

As you saw in the video, Roberto is originally from a more rural area but moved away from family and friends for work. To succeed in a technical field then, he had no choice but to relocate to where technology supported the job he wanted to do.

Now, however, Puntonet, with help from Cisco Services, is helping expand access to high-performing networking to both businesses and residential customers throughout Ecuador. They are connecting the more rural areas so that in the future, someone like Roberto won’t have to move away to have access to connectivity and subsequently, work.

At the same time, Puntonet has strengthened the security of its network across the board, so working remotely, or conducting financial transactions is much more secure.

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Cisco helped ensure the technology upgrade went smoothly by providing risk mitigation and design review services. On top of that collaboration, Cisco Services was also able to help with an overwhelming number of manual tasks resulting from an excessive number of network problem logs. This freed up Puntonet to focus on strategy.

I can go on, but I encourage you to read the full Puntonet story, “Puntonet modernizes network to accelerate growth” on our Customer Stories Index . It’s a great story and a fantastic example of how technology, and Cisco Services, combine to change the course of business and affect how individuals interact with the world, even outside a major city. It’s also a great look at how someone like Roberto is guiding technology to provide more opportunities for the next generation.

Again, we are regularly highlighting the successes of our customers. For all the most recent updates, please visit our  Customer Stories Index – a catalog of stories highlighting how Cisco services customers are transforming and innovating to drive impact in their organizations and across the world. Don’t worry, I’ll keep bringing you selected ones to my blog as well.

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James Turrell

Head of CX Marketing and Communications

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