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There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty. Yet businesses have been attuning and adjusting to the new normal of remote work and virtual collaboration. Some are gearing up for getting back to workspaces while adhering to new health and safety protocols such as social distancing. All in all, this situation opens up the opportunity for organizations to revisit their broader business resiliency and continuity strategy, so they can get ahead of the curve and create a reliable plan for the unexpected.

Businesses are in relatively uncharted territory. They need help redefining their measure of success, which is difficult given the novel situation. Even with a new definition of success to measure performance against, businesses need to carry out expedited and comprehensive transformation to be successful in today’s climate. And that transformation needs to have a clearly defined path for the most efficient use of resources and optimal use of current technology, including whether new technology is required to address the innovative technical environment needed for continuous operations.

Cisco CX paves the way to new success with expert strategy and roadmap

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) has been working to empower businesses and institutions around the globe for many years. Now, Cisco CX is empowering organizations with the Cisco CX offer for Business Resiliency Strategy and Roadmap to help customers build a customized strategy and roadmap to deal with the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. The offer delivers technology capabilities, technology adoption, and prioritized gap analysis for a customized business resiliency strategy and roadmap. Cisco CX guides businesses in establishing what it means for their organization to be successful amidst the current pandemic, helping them establish not only a solid starting point, but a clearly defined business resiliency roadmap for continued operations. As part of that, customers will achieve an efficient extension of existing and planned remote worker capabilities, which includes use cases and capabilities offered across multiple and dynamic work environments. Accelerate technology and process adoption, business continuity, and business resiliency with expert analysis, assessment, and advisory services.

The Cisco CX offer for Business Resiliency Strategy and Roadmap includes three service phases to help businesses get started on their new path to success. First, Cisco CX advisory experts will lead a business-focused workshop, collaborating closely with organizations to analyze their unique environments according to specific requirements. This first-phase analysis will also produce business use cases. Based on the identification of the prioritized use cases, Cisco CX then advises which opportunities will best empower the organization’s business resiliency.

The business-led workshops and identification of use cases guide the ensuing technology analysis phase, where Cisco CX assesses the organization’s current IT and infrastructure resiliency capabilities. To ensure alignment with business resiliency priorities, Cisco CX experts will assess organizational readiness, security strategy and operations, remote access strategy, and collaboration environment.

CX offer for Business Resiliency Strategy and Roadmap Technology Track

After the technical-baseline assessment phase, Cisco CX advisory experts will execute the planning phase to integrate their business and technical findings. Organizations will get a realistic plan and roadmap to ensure they take rapid action and full advantage of the benefits their current technology offers and new technology capabilities can bring. They will get answers to critical questions on how to accelerate successful adoption of transformational solutions by engaging with Cisco CX expertise and best practices.

Why Cisco CX for business resiliency?

COVID-19 might be a new pandemic, but Cisco CX has been able to apply its deep experience serving businesses and institutions of all types and sizes, at every phase of business, from start-ups to veteran enterprises, across all types of environments. The situation is new, but the core business fundamentals, employee needs, and technology requirements persist. Cisco CX is here to help businesses adapt, adopt, overcome and plan stronger for the future. In order for businesses to overcome, they will likely require new technology and services to address gaps in capabilities. With time, resources, energy, and budgets at a high premium nowadays, it’s especially important for businesses to be able to get the help they need from a single, centralized source. Cisco CX is that single, trusted source for new networking technology to address increased VPN capacity; virtual collaboration tools to keep remote workers connected and productive; and evolving security solutions to protect networks, devices, and users across novel, hybrid environments.

Next steps for business resiliency

Learn more on how Cisco CX can help organizations get up and running quickly and efficiently with a customized business resiliency strategy and roadmap: click here. Have questions about the process or ready to get started? Contact us today. And for more information on our other Cisco CX Business Resilience Offers, check out Cisco.com.


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