I am excited to share some valuable insights from our very own CX Americas SVP, Harry Caldwell, who recently visited our RTP campus. During his fireside chat, he dropped a few golden nuggets of wisdom that resonated with many of us, and I wanted to pass them along. Here is some advice he shared when it comes to failures and fear of visibility.

Embracing Failure: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

We all face moments of fear and doubt, whether in our personal or professional lives. Even after 20 years with this company, I can admit that I sometimes fear failing visibly. It could be something as simple as not responding in a timely manner or being late for a call due to a previous meeting running over. But listening to Caldwell say, “Don’t be afraid to fail or how visible it is” reminded me that failure is not something to fear; it’s an opportunity for growth.

Unlock Success: Have A Moxie Spirit

Caldwell’s advice on persistence and grit struck a chord with me. Back in the early 2000s, there were limited opportunities for Black individuals, especially Black women, to hold senior leadership roles at Cisco. The culture was different then, but I didn’t let that discourage me from applying. I knew that working at Cisco was the place to be, so I persisted and applied multiple times. Let’s remember these qualities as we interact and network, always striving for growth.

Riding the Waves of Change: Evolving with the Company

Throughout my tenure at Cisco, I’ve witnessed numerous changes within the company and the market. From starting as a Virtual Sales Account Manager to becoming a Sales Training Manager and now a High Touch Operations Manager, I’ve had to continuously adapt and keep my skill set relevant. Caldwell’s wise words, “Stay ahead of the momentum so that you could be transferrable” resonated deeply. Let’s embrace change and remain adaptable in order to thrive.

Finding Purpose: Making a Difference Every Day

Every day, it’s important for us to reflect on our purpose. For me, it’s about being of service to Cisco, our customers, and our fellow employees. I want every interaction I have to reflect Cisco’s core values. Caldwell’s advice to “learn intentionality” aligns perfectly with this. Let’s approach each day with a clear intention to make a positive impact and live our purpose to the fullest.

Betting on Ourselves: Fearlessly Pursuing Goals

One piece of advice from Caldwell that I’ve yet to fully embrace is “be a risk-taker.” A recent Cambridge University Press study stated that women, in particular, tend to be less willing to take risks due to the fear of negative results and low expectations of fulfillment. However, as our company continues to evolve, we must shed our fear of failure and take more risks in pursuing our personal and professional goals. Let’s be fearless and bet on ourselves!

As we navigate our individual journeys within this company, let’s remember these valuable insights shared by Caldwell. Embrace failure, persist through challenges, ride the waves of change, find your purpose, and be fearless in pursuing your goals.



Belindia Taylor

High Touch Operations Manager

Customer Experience (CX)