Typically, Talos has the luxury of time when conducting research. We can carefully draft a report that clearly lays out the evidence and leads the reader to a clear understanding of our well supported findings. A great deal of time is spent ensuring that the correct words and logical paths are used so that we are both absolutely clear and absolutely correct. Frequently, the goal is to inform and educate readers about specific threats or techniques.

There are times, however, when we are documenting our research in something very close to real-time. The recent WannaCry and Nyetya events are excellent examples of this. Our goal changes here, as does our process. Here we are racing the clock to get accurate, impactful, and actionable information to help customers react even while new information is coming in.

In these situations, and in certain other kinds of investigations, it is necessary for us to talk about something when we aren’t 100% certain we are correct.

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