I’m excited to announce today that Cisco has completed the acquisition of CloudLock. CloudLock’s unique approach to security enables customers to manage and secure their transition to the cloud by providing powerful security insights and controls that are easy to deploy and simple to manage.

In a new IT landscape marked by personal devices in the enterprise, users working outside the office, and more applications and data moving to the cloud, the number one question we hear from our customers is about security. Customers want to be able to take advantage of the increased agility and improved economics that come with moving to the cloud while still protecting their data, applications, and users. They want to re-establish the fundamental security best practices of visibility and control in a way that is cloud-friendly and cloud-first. CloudLock’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) offering adapts the traditional enterprise security approach for the cloud – without impacting productivity or performance. CloudLock helps customers move to the cloud faster without sacrificing security.

To put this into context, imagine being able to easily define policies that prevent highly confidential or sensitive files from being shared across your entire organization or outside your organization. CloudLock enables that. Imagine being able to scan every file in your organization’s Box account for malware. CloudLock enables that. Imagine being able to identify compromised user accounts and malicious insiders automatically, based on advanced machine learning capabilities. CloudLock enables that and more.

CloudLock’s “CloudLock Security Fabric” is a cloud-native platform comprised of a robust set of API-enabled micro-services that connect directly into leading SaaS platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and many others. This capability enables CloudLock to deliver a comprehensive level of visibility into user behavior and exposed sensitive data, and to provide granular controls for both cloud applications you buy (SaaS) and in-house applications you build (IaaS, PaaS).

CloudLock is a security product that is sold ‘as a service’ and currently supports more than 700 customers worldwide in protecting tens of millions of users across those organizations. With the completion of the acquisition today, CloudLock and Cisco will offer the industry’s broadest cloud security protection for users, applications, and data.

Cisco has been aggressively executing our cloud security strategy over the past several years, making it a fundamental part of our overall security portfolio. With this acquisition, the CloudLock team joins Cisco’s Networking and Security Business led by Senior Vice President and General Manager David Goeckeler.

I know I speak for everyone working in cloud security and the broader Cisco Networking and Security Business when I say we are incredibly excited to welcome the CloudLock team to Cisco. Together, we will continue our mission to deliver world-class security solutions that help our customers connect with confidence.