Retail is moving towards a new digital model that is expedited by all the various digital technologies, IoT capabilities and consumer expectations taking the stage. However, many retailers are faced with unexpected hurdles and challenges during this process of change and transformation.

Reason being, many retailers forget one of the key pillars to creating a strong digital strategy – the IT infrastructure. This key pillar is not just for the IT team to think about, but the entire business. From digital marketers to application teams to store managers, anyone touching the business digitally needs to keep IT infrastructure in-mind at all times.

It’s time for all stakeholders in retail, from IT to Marketing, to build and execute their digital strategies together to ensure success.

In our latest 3-part series white paper, with analyst firm IHL Services, we explain why building the right foundation is critical for all retailers and start to discuss how retailers can connect all the retail dots together.



Jessica Mok

Global Retail Marketing Manager

Vertical Industries