What industry challenges is your business facing today? Tomorrow? Next year? 

And how is your IT strategy building the bridge to key business outcomes?

Delivering personalized experiences for customers that create brand loyalty. Deploying the right solutions that support the increase in online and direct to consumer retail. Integrating retail systems for end-to-end visibility of retail operations. Preparing your digital strategy for the imminent growth of 5G. Your chance to discuss these technology-enabled opportunities is January 27-30th in Barcelona, with Cisco.

Three ways to experience Retail at Cisco Live Barcelona

We have THREE main opportunities for you to experience Cisco’s retail solutions at Cisco Live Barcelona. There will be 2 Retail sessions, each with hands-on demonstrations to dive into these focus areas for retailers, located at the Industries Theatre in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live Barcelona.

Specifically we will look at how solutions like Meraki security and operational insights (including DNA Spaces) benefit retailers in areas such as improving IT efficiency, creating engaging experiences, as well bottom line savings. 

The third opportunity is over in our travel Connected Cisco Store, located in the Hub, Hall 6. Be sure to sign up for a tour to see our digital solutions in a functioning retail environment onsite – and maybe even purchase some Cisco merchandise!

Join us for timely discussions on the future of retail solutions

Explore the Connected Cisco Store

At first glance, the Connected Cisco Store pop-up shop in Barcelona may look like a typical merchandise store. However, when taking a closer look, attendees will find that the store is actually a living lab for some of Cisco’s most innovative technology. Fortunately, the store will be offering technology tours during the show for a closer look and we promise this is something you won’t want to miss!

Solutions showcased throughout the tour can deliver business outcomes across multiple industries, actually. Delegates can expect the Connected Cisco Store Tour to feature technology innovations that will excite retailers, customers, and employees alike. The tour will have four main technology stops:

  1. Cisco DNA Spaces: On the first stop of the tour, you’ll be asked to join the store network. Doing so gives Cisco DNA Spaces visibility into the physical space of the store that is typically unattainable due to blind spots. This means more data and more real-time insights all in one place for customers. 
  2. Cisco Vision: Cisco has a vast network of partners that extends to the Cisco Store. At the next tour stop you’ll see that through a partnership with Apple, a simple touch on an Apple Watch can transform digital signage and displays with just one tap. Attendees will also view the latest Bridge to Possible stories come to life on the big screen and interact with digital signage displaying store analytics. 
  3. Meraki Cameras: Valuable insights are what drive change, and at the next stop on the tour you’ll see how the Cisco Store uses Meraki cameras to do just that. You’ll even have the opportunity to tune-in to a live camera feed through Oculus Quest. With the help of RFID tags, an anti-theft Meraki camera feed will also display store exits when triggered.
  4. Smart Fitting Room: The Cisco Store fitting room is one you’ll actually want to spend extra time in. At this tour stop, you’ll watch how smart fitting room technology has the ability to recognize merchandise brought into the room, and allows you to contact store associates for assistance. 

The Connected Cisco Store is a case study of the potential of Cisco’s technology and partner ecosystem. It’s the place where Cisco technology comes to life in a real, functioning retail environment. Come see for yourself on a Connected Cisco Store Tour in Barcelona!

Reserve your spot for tours here.

But wait, there’s more!

If the connected store tour isn’t enough to convince you to stop by next week, there is plenty more in-store fun! Shop the new, limited edition Cisco merchandise collection and  make a positive impact on the community at the same time by rounding up your purchase toward a donation to World Land Trust. Purchasing a pair of socks also give back to WLT. Participate in contests that will keep you active around Cisco Live and win coveted prizes like a Timbuk2 backpack!

Whether you wish to learn about technology, shop merchandise, make an impact, or have some fun, the Cisco Store is a must visit on your list for Cisco Live Barcelona 2020! We can’t wait to see you there!

Not in town for the show? Visit the Cisco Store website for 24/7 Cisco merchandise shopping. A virtual tour of The Connected Cisco Store located at Cisco’s HQ in San Jose, CA is also available here

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Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

Global Industries Marketing