A lot of innovations were announced this week at Cisco’s first completely virtual Cisco Live event. Here are the highlights:

  • Insights and automation are happening hand-in-hand with Cisco’s SD-WAN solution. Our IBN (Intent-Based Networking) capabilities now include device classification in which policies can be intelligently recommended based on observed traffic behavior.
  • And the integration with Umbrella ultimately means pre-integrated cloud configurations can speed deployment of SaaS delivered apps. It also means WANs can be more efficiently utilized for app bandwidth.
  • New user-defined networks allow end users to control their personal networks with DNA Center. And for broader network control, DNA Center can now identify previously unknown devices with AI Endpoint Analytics. This intelligence actually penetrates to historical data now as well, to help IT teams utilize forensic analysis and maintain ongoing safety regulations.
  • The enhanced visibility is here. Identify and anticipate any irregular behavior wherever it may occur in your environment. From your servers, to your applications, to your WAN, across your branch or campus locations, your cloud-based platform enables central management across your network. Breaking silos previously caused by slow application interdependencies enables your business to move faster.
  • I would be remiss not to mention the AI-powered new collaboration tool. The Webex Desk Pro is set to take the mundane out of everyday collaboration (and I sure hope one of these finds my home office soon here 🙂 )
  • What about customer experience and services? The flexible consumption model for the new IOS XR7 means quicker automation with minimal up-front investment. Cisco’s new CX Cloud platform and Collaborative Intelligence will also provide customers continued assistance. Created with our DevNet team and delivered through our partners, the ongoing support that our customers need is happening more simply.

So, what is the impact for retail organizations trying to navigate the respond phase of this pandemic? The move to simple and automated platforms is extremely relevant for retailers who undoubtedly (if unknowingly) operate with multi-cloud environments. We have created a session on HOW retailers can assume an ongoing, reliable security posture with a complex data environment. Given the critical need for IT agility coming out of COVID-19, this session shows how retailers can emerge from this even stronger than before.

Watch the session: Securing the agile retailer: Strategy for protecting hybrid could retail environments 

retail multi cloud strategy


If you’re a Cisco Live “regular” you might have stopped by the Cisco Store in the past to see what innovations are happening for retail in a working environment.  As with most retailers during this pandemic, the Cisco Store team has taken to the web for Cisco Live this year. Not only to increase their e-commerce platform and unveil new designs, but for our purposes to unveil the latest partner solutions, digital integrations and the evolving holistic retail experience. Learn more here.


Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

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