The main reason we set up the We’re Listening blog series was to tell you what we’re doing to improve based on the feedback you give us. Once in a while, we also like to check in on the ways that we ask for your feedback – are we using the right channels? Asking the right questions? And most importantly, are we making it as easy as possible for you to tell us what you think? I’ve invited Jane Riad, who heads up our Customer Experience Listening team, to share some of the changes we’re making to our biggest surveys and feedback tools. Read below and let us know whether these are the right changes! I’m particularly curious what you think about the option to provide feedback via video – comment below, or you can email ciscolistens@cisco.com.


janeriad By Guest Author Jane Riad

We strive to listen very closely to you, our customers, every day and in many different ways. One way we do this is by asking you to respond to our Global Customer Satisfaction survey, which goes out to thousands of customers every year.  The feedback we receive from this survey is incredibly valuable to us. Not only does it allow us to know what matters to you and your company, but it also gives us important insights into where we need to focus, improve, and innovate.

One process you have asked us to improve is the survey itself. You told us the survey is too long and difficult, asks too many questions, and takes up too much of your time. You’ve also questioned whether we’re really listening and expressed concern about not knowing whether issues are being addressed.

We heard you, we agreed, and we took action. If you’ve already received our CSAT survey this year, we hope you noticed it’s significantly shorter than before. We’ve removed over 75% of the questions, shortening the time it takes to complete to less than 5 minutes. We now limit the questions to just the most important ones needed to get a sense for how loyal you feel to Cisco and where we need to improve.

Many of the removed questions are now being asked in smaller, more targeted studies that enlist much smaller audiences for feedback on particular products, services, and solutions. These surveys happen within what we call our “Customer Listening Ecosystem” so that we can manage how often you receive a survey and connect your feedback to future surveys.

You might have also noticed that we’re including the “Net Promoter Score (NPS)” questions, which ask you how likely you are to recommend Cisco and why. Your answers to these questions feed into a company-wide program that gets our employees and leaders taking the right actions to improve your experience with Cisco. We want to feel like you are having an ongoing, two-way conversation with Cisco and know that you are being heard.

Would you like to help us innovate this program? As we continue to develop our Customer Listening Ecosystem, we’re looking at new and innovative ways to connect with you. One idea we’re exploring is providing you the option of recording a “feedback video”. We know that the emotion conveyed in a video can inspire action better than any set of analytics or typed comments. But, is recording a video something you would be willing to do when providing feedback? Let us know via this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And, thank you for choosing Cisco!


Curt Hill

Senior Vice President

Customer Assurance