As a Cisco customer, your voice is important to us. We want to hear about your experience with our company, the good and the bad, and use your feedback to design and prioritize improvements.

We listen to you in a variety of ways and surveys are an important tool. But, when response rates go down, and your comments reflect “too many requests for input” versus constructive remarks about your interaction with Cisco, we know there’s a problem.

Over the past year, we’ve made improvements to our listening channels and responded to input that you find our surveys too long and time consuming. We significantly shortened our CSAT survey, keeping only the questions that help us understand how you feel about Cisco and where we can still improve.

We’re now addressing channels specific to our customers who have experienced Cisco Services solutions and support. I’ve asked Kurtis Yang, who heads up Customer Experience and Listening for Services at Cisco to share details about our new approach, benefits to you, and how this change will help us listen more and respond better.


Guest Author: Kurtis Yang, Director, Customer Experience and Listening, Cisco Services

kyang cropCustomer experience is more than just a transaction. It’s about establishing trust and building relationships. It’s also about listening and responding in order to meet your expectations and consistently deliver. We recently evolved our listening approach and took these and other customer experience principles to heart.

In the past, customers may have received multiple surveys depending on which Cisco services and solutions they are using. This led to redundancy and overlap with other touchpoints and requests you receive from Cisco.

We’ve simplified things by creating one survey for our Services customers. Your time is valuable, so we’ve also made it shorter – reducing the number of questions and the time it takes to complete by 50%. The format is flexible so you can respond to most questions by selecting a multiple choice answer or adding comments and detail in an optional open text field.

Questions are designed to help us uncover and understand your source of frustration so we can prioritize customer experience improvements and create lasting results. For example:

• Has Cisco made it easy for you to obtain the support and solutions you need for your business?
• Did Cisco meet your expectations?
• Has your experience with Cisco improved or declined over the last year?
• If you were considering alternatives to Cisco, who would be your top choice?
• How likely are you to recommend Cisco to others, and why?

To make us easy to recognize, we’ve created a new email: cisco_services_listening@cisco.com. In late October, we’ll send the survey to current Cisco Services customers from this address, so watch for it in your inbox.

Evolving the way we listen is just the first step. We’re committed to acting on your feedback faster and also communicating what we change as a result. Thank you for participating in our survey and for sharing your thoughts that will help us enhance your experience with Cisco.

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Curt Hill

Senior Vice President

Customer Assurance