Here’s a mantra you’ll be hearing more often: “We hear you.”

We heard you – and moved from one global Marketing Velocity event to three tailored regional events this year. We heard you – and revamped your Marketing Velocity online educational experience in June. And we hear you now, which is why I’m thrilled to share this breaking news: Cisco is announcing an expansion of the Marketing Velocity brand, reconceived to help partners use marketing breakthroughs to reach customers in transformational ways.

“This further evolution of Cisco Marketing Velocity displays how committed Cisco is to helping their partners to grow their digital marketing capability and more importantly outcomes. Marketing Velocity was already a leading light in the partner marketing space, but these changes really do show that Cisco is the benchmark for marketing with partners.”

– Steve White, IDC, Program Vice President, Channels and Alliances

Here’s the press release, fresh from our newsroom. Now you might be thinking, “That’s great Boon. But what will this really do for me as a Cisco partner?” I get it, so let me show you why it matters.

First, check out this animation that quickly illustrates how the four components of our new Marketing Velocity brand tie together:

In a nutshell, you’ll now find all our flagship partner marketing programs integrated under the Marketing Velocity umbrella. Here is a capsule description of each.

  1. Marketing Velocity Learning is your always-on educational gateway to help make your marketing practices future-proof. As I mentioned, we recently revamped this online university. It offers you a refreshed digital experience replete with the latest marketing thought leadership, a trove of new content, and live training events. In fact, partners like LiveAction have been telling me that our new Marketing Velocity Learning site is vital to their business. For more read my blog, “How are partners diving into the brave new digital world?
  2. Marketing Velocity Central is your full-service marketing portal, formerly known as Partner Marketing Central. This is your go-to spot for free, customizable campaigns that span automated email journeys, social media and website syndication, and an enhanced marketing content library. This service also offers advanced analytic capabilities, including campaign tracking and customer contact engagement scoring.
  3. Marketing Velocity Activate is a new, white glove co-marketing service. It is in limited release with a select number of partners this year. This service combines data-driven business planning with Cisco and insights-driven omnichannel journeys to engage customers and generate revenue. Cisco is the first company to launch this outcome-focused service with our partners; we intend to lead the industry in this initiative.
  4. Funding for Marketing Velocity provides Cisco Joint Marketing Funds (JMF). JMF supplies channel partners funds to market their business as well as Cisco products and services. Partners can also use funds to drive up bookings through co-marketing initiatives.

We made this major change because we heard you. You told us how much you appreciate our powerful marketing programs – but also asked that we make it simpler for you to understand and take advantage of them. From today onward, you should discover that it is easier to find all the connection points among our future-proof enablement and marketing services.

I’m excited about this change, and I hope you’ll derive great benefit from it. Moving across this platform with ease – from learning to activating to funding – will help elevate your marketing practice to maximize business outcomes.  Know that we remain committed to listening, and innovating, to assure your marketing expertise is always a cut above others.

Please check out your new Marketing Velocity experience. I’m particularly excited to hear what you think and learn where you have questions. So please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Boon Lai

Vice President

Global Partner Marketing