The Catalyst expansion with the Catalyst 9200 addresses a large target in the mid-size and branch office markets. Try to imagine that these markets represent 25% of all the network ports in the world. To think about this in another way, 25% of all the land mass on earth would represent the combination of China, India, Russia, and Brazil – now that is a massive opportunity!

The new Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series is ideally positioned to address an extensive set of applications for your customers. We’ve doubled the features of the previous versions for nearly the same price, and integrated industry-leading security and intent-based networking, just for good measure. They represent an enterprise-class solution, right-sized to fit into many smaller installations at schools, hospitals, banks, and retail locations, to name a few.

You will notice all the features you have come to expect with intent-based networking innovations:

  • SD-Access and Assurance for extreme efficiency, monitoring, automation and much lower total cost of ownership
  • Simplicity – deploy on a web interface in just three clicks, and will be centrally managed
  • Security – Integrated and Trustworthy Solutions, MACsec Encryption, and all anchored through Talos, this helps detect and stop threats
  • Faster Core – provides for rapid access with up to twice the capacity of legacy switches based on the latest IOS XE operating system
  • Updates – first time to allow software updates
  • Always on – a fully redundant solution

I believe the Catalyst 9200 will not only be the engine for Cisco Partner’s run rate sales, but will also be an entry point for managed services you can provide to your customers. Further, the Catalyst 9200 will provide your customers to see the benefit of Cisco DNA, and be the bridge to the broader Catalyst family of solutions.

While the Catalyst 9200 is based on simplicity that does not limit your professional service teams from growing with your customers into more advanced use cases.

To support our partners, we are now providing these popular Field Engineering level training offers free of charge:

SD-Access Fundamentals curriculum. Four courses are focusing on building Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) from the ground up.

Additionally, there are many sales enablement resources to assist in your drive to deliver customer success. You can access them here.

For the Catalyst 9200, it is simplicity without compromise.



Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales