Welcome to the next installment in The Fast Five series, where I track down Cisco executives to talk about their solutions developed for our distributors and two-tier Partners. In just a few minutes, you will learn how to position our innovations to your customers, what programs you can access from Cisco, and where to find resources.

In this installment, we’re talking about the Catalyst 9100 series, the next stage in Cisco Intent-Based Networking, and how to prepare your customers for Wi-Fi 6.

This short video will help you to prepare customers for the advantages of Wi-Fi 6. This is a red-hot market with a TAM of $11 billion over the next four years. Imagine… 36 million access points for 802.11ax will be purchased.

All of us will be living in a mobile-first world, and Wi-Fi 6 will be the new de facto wireless standard. That’s why Cisco rolled out our next-gen wireless stack with the Wi-Fi 6 access point, expanding Cisco’s Intent-Based Networking into wireless.

How do you start the conversation with your customers? Begin by telling them that the 9100 increases network reliability, handles increased mobile traffic that will run more efficiently and more securely, and uses up to three times less energy.

Who is the target customer? Anybody—but you could segment into two categories.

First, there are the more sophisticated environments that have already begun their IBN journey. They have already deployed (or are evaluating) our Catalyst 9000 switches and DNA Center Automation and Assurance capabilities. Now, they can extend those capabilities to wireless. They can continuously gather insights across all users, devices, and applications, and can translate intents into policies and activate them automatically. They then add in Cisco DNA Spaces – which gives operational insights and location analytics. Line of business leaders can use behavior data of people and things as a strategic advantage.

Second, there are those customers who only want a secure, higher performance solution. Catalyst 9100 is right for them, too. For these customers, be sure to highlight our “simplicity without compromise” message. Tell them about our flexible deployment models (on-prime, Cloud, and embedded), and our integrated security (ISE, Umbrella). And let’s not forget Cisco DNA Essentials. Everything your customer is looking for: Security, reliability, and best practices by default.

Watch the vlog to to learn how to motivate customers to look at Catalyst 9100. And, learn more about our programs and resources available to help you increase your sales effectiveness and profitability today.

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Andrew Sage

Vice President

Global Distribution & SMB Sales