Welcome to the next installment in the The Fast Five series, where I track down Cisco executives to talk about their solutions, developed for our distributors and 2-tier partners. In a few minutes, you will learn how to position our innovations to your customers, what programs you can access from Cisco, and where to find resources. In April, we introduced the Fast Five for SD-WAN, and last month we rolled out the Fast Five for the Catalyst 9200. Today, we’re talking about HyperFlex.

Watch this short video (Partner registration required) and you’ll learn how your business goals and your customers’ business goals can be accelerated with Cisco HyperFlex. This is a red-hot market. IDC has predicted a TAM of $8 billion by 2021, with Edge and remote office/branch office about 30% of that market. Cisco has gained significant market traction in hyperconvergence, especially since Gartner positioned us in their leadership quadrant. To date, we can boast more than 3,500 hyperconvergence customers, half of them new Cisco customers!

How does a partner get started? Target your UCS install base, a whopping 65,000. Customers are looking to modernize and simplify their data centers, and this creates a fantastic opportunity for our partners to accelerate that modernization. Customers are also looking to adopt multicloud; they need the easiest and quickest way to deploy capacity in a private cloud, and that path is hyperconvergence.

Here’s what you tell your customers. Cisco HyperFlex is compute, networking, storage – all in one platform, managed from the cloud. Built on a UCS foundation, HyperFlex is a high-performance data platform for enterprise-grade compute and storage. It’s also the ideal platform for multicloud; it can power any application, at any scale, across any cloud.

Simple. Reliable. Low TCO. Isn’t that the Holy Grail? HyperFlex is simple to operate; customers can expect time savings of 75%. HyperFlex is extremely reliable – 90% reduction in down time. Finally, customers should count on a reduced total cost of ownership; expect cost savings of 80%. Let me also mention, with end-to-end lifecycle management, customers can install, configure, manage, and monitor across your complete network.

Watch the Vlog, to learn more that will motivate your customers to look at Cisco HyperFlex now and learn about programs and resources available to help you increase your sales effectiveness and profitability right now.

Once you have a handle on the key items you need to know to boost your revenues with HyperFlex, here are some links that will help you follow up on this great opportunity:

HX Sprint Partner Page

Finally, tune in for more. We have more Fast Five videos coming up. The next will cover Cisco’s next generation of Intent-based Networking, the Catalyst 9100. And if you missed my blog on SD-WAN or my blog on the Catalyst 9200, catch them now.

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Andrew Sage

Vice President

Global Distribution & SMB Sales