“Just make it simple!”

We hear that a lot – about many things at Cisco – including about how we market to and communicate with you, our partners.

Simplicity IS the primary goal of my team – day in, day out. We want to make it simple for you to get the information you need – about product launches, incentives, program changes, price alerts, supply chain updates, marketing campaigns, sales enablement trainings, and partner events.

“Simple is hard.”

Dozens of organizations at Cisco… hundreds of updates each month… thousands of partners to communicate with…a daunting task for sure. But your time is valuable, and it’s important. Here’s how we’re tackling it.

“All the news that’s fit to print.”

Cisco Partner News Hubs provide a steady flow of the latest updates from across Cisco – organized by:
– your role (executive, marketer, seller, tech seller, operations)
– your company type (managed services, distributor, service provider)
– training content (Black Belt Academy + regional sales enablement)
…all customized to what’s relevant for you, in one place, with nothing older than 45 days.

Subscribe to one News Hub or many – and we’ll send you updates monthly or bi-weekly – to help you stay up to date.

“It’s not rocket science.”

Cisco Partner Launch Experience pulls together a quarterly briefing of on-demand videos – along with supplemental content – so you get advanced notice of product, solution and service announcements before public launch. We also include new Partner Program elements, financing updates, and incentive offers aligned with what’s launching, so you can go to market more quickly and profitably.

Watch for these two or three times per year in advance of our regional Cisco Live events – along with the Partner Summit edition of Partner Launch Experience, which includes all the replays from our biggest partner event of the year.

“Help us help you.”

We’ve been able to reduce the volume of one-off emails that hit your inbox by aggregating and customizing updates into Partner News Hubs and Partner Launch Experience. We try to save emails for time-critical, high-impact updates – personalized and relevant to you.

But relevant is relative – and if we don’t know your role – or your communications preferences – it’s hard to get the right updates into your hands.

My ask? Please take a moment and update your profile and preferences in the Partner Self-Service tool, or if you see a prompt to do so on Cisco.com. It will make all the difference in what we send you – and what stays out of your inbox.

“Onward and upward”

We’re not done. I promise we’ll continue the hard work of making your experience with Cisco simpler, based on your feedback and input from your account teams, and in close partnership with the rest of the partner organizations here at Cisco. And you can quote me on that.


Update your profile and preferences


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Jeanne Quinn

Director, Partner Digital Engagement

Global Partner Marketing