Jeanne Quinn

Director, Partner Digital Engagement

Global Partner Marketing

Jeanne is a digital marketing professional with 25 years' experience in the tech industry, a decade of which has been focused on partner marketing. In her 23 years with Cisco, she has earned a reputation for driving innovation, building connections, and leading healthy and productive teams. She uses new and innovative digital ways to get information into the hands of customer and partners, using data, martech, and a relentless focus on simplicity and the needs of the user as her north star. Under Jeanne's leadership, her team manages the partner marketing technology stack and marketing data lake, the strategy and execution of to-partner communications, and leads the best-in-class partner experience on Cisco.com. When not immersed in the world of digital marketing, Jeanne tries to find time (not always successfully) to read, walk on the beach, and laugh with friends and family, including two amazing grown kids. She also runs a small paddleboard guide business with her husband Shaun, and loves exploring the Florida Keys by boat and SUP.


December 19, 2022


We’re Improving Partner Communications: You Can Quote Me on That

2 min read

Dozens of organizations at Cisco… hundreds of updates each month... thousands of partners to communicate with...a daunting task for sure. But your time is valuable, and it’s important. Here’s how we’re tackling it.