Our continued commitment to support the marketing success of Cisco partners is steadfast, as we aim to enable them to become future ready. In my first blog, “Empowering Cisco partners to transform their marketing efforts is a top priority at Cisco,” I talked about our team’s goal of supporting partners as they chart that course.

Today I am excited to introduce two new leaders joining our Cisco Global Partner Marketing team. They will play an instrumental role in supporting partners, helping them to fulfill their future-ready promise, and ensuring that we continue to invest in marketing partnerships by providing the resources needed for our partners to be successful.

Please join me in congratulating the two newest directors on the Global Partner Marketing team!

Christine Otts, Director, Global Velocity and Programs Partner Marketing

Christine Otts, Director, Global Velocity and Programs Partner MarketingChristine is a marketing professional with 25 years’ experience, having spent most of her career focused on partner marketing. In fact, Christine is likely already a familiar face to many of our partners.

In Christine’s 20 years with Cisco, she has developed a sterling reputation for building relationships and exploring new ways for partners to transform their business.

Christine consistently innovates new and effective ways to not only market to Cisco Partners, but to work with them to create the best approach for both the partner and Cisco. She is truly a master at building relationships, and I am thrilled have her as a director on our team and I asked her to chime in on what she’s looking forward to in her new role.

Christine told me, “I look forward to connecting with our Partners and evolving their marketing experience with Cisco.  We are at in inflection point in marketing and now is the time connect with our customers in new and innovative ways together.”

Mark Murphy, Director, Routes to Market

Mark Murphy, Director, Routes to MarketNext up, introducing (or re-introducing) Mark Murphy, Director, Routes to Market. That’s right, Mark is likely another familiar face to Cisco Partners, and he is re-joining the Global Partner Marketing team.

Mark began his Cisco career in Global Partner Marketing. He has also led Cisco Capital Global Field Marketing, and most recently was directing the Growth Marketing Region Field Marketing Centers of Excellence. This brand-new role will serve to accelerate the optimization of our current routes and pioneer new routes to increase our reach.

In addition to Cisco, Mark’s background includes owning a high-tech focused creative agency, providing marketing consulting services to high tech clients, and spending a great deal of time with partners all along the way. Mark brings an abundance of energy to work, and to all of us lucky enough to work with him.

Of course, I also asked Mark what he’s looking forward to in this role, and he said, “I look forward to driving even greater engagement together with our Strategic and Distributor partners and leaning into the transformation of our evolving new routes to market.”

Join us on the Marketing Velocity Voice 

I invite you to continue the conversation with Mark and Christine. Just pop over to Marketing Velocity Voice to welcome them, share any thoughts around how Cisco can enable your marketing practices or just say hello. I look forward to having you all get to know Christine and Mark.


Luxy Thuraisingam

Head of Global Partner Marketing and Small and Medium Business