Today, we’re thrilled to present several game-changing initiatives geared towards driving greater partner profitability, enhancing your customer engagement, and fortifying our shared commitment to sustainable technology. Here’s what you need to know:

1. NEW Cisco Lifecycle Pay with Trade-In Incentive: Innovation and sustainability meet financial flexibility. By trading in legacy Cisco or third-party equipment, customers can realize up to a 10% off the monthly payment, facilitating a shift to the newest Cisco technologies. Not only does this ease up-front costs, it also paves the way for subscription-like payment experiences. For our partners, this means:

  • Boosted profitability via the ability to package additional high-value services.
  • Quicker deal closures with a competitive edge, by offering customers an enticing upgrade pathway.
  • Enhanced engagement by re-connecting with your customers every 3-5 years.
  • Financial ease as Cisco Capital absorbs payment and credit risks.
  • Immediate payment ensuring your capital remains intact for business growth.

For Partners who are Environmental Sustainability Specialized, you can combine this customer incentive with your other exclusive benefits like the Takeback Incentive for further differentiation.

2. Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) Pay: A year ago, we launched this initiative, aiming to provide financial relief. This year, we’ve further optimized Cisco EA Pay integrating EA financing directly into Cisco’s quoting and ordering systems for rapid approvals. Click here for more information.

3. Cisco Green Pay: Reflecting our continued commitment to sustainability, this program was launched to help your customers reduce their environmental impact and support a circular economy, focusing on environmental responsibility in tech.

4. Cisco VIP 42 with Refresh-RF PIDs: Beginning July 30, 2023, and running through January 27, 2024, the VIP 42 program fortifies Cisco’s Circular Economy pledges. Now, with over 800 Cisco Refresh products part of the program, partners will drive greater profitability, emphasizing the value of sustainability in technology.

5. Extended Terms in Channel Financing: Over the past fiscal year, Cisco Capital expanded credit capacity by 21% for those of you participating in the Channel Extended Terms Financing program.

Our journey towards sustainable, innovative, and partner-centric solutions is unending. With these programs, we aim to empower you to better serve your customers, ensuring that together, we remain at the cutting edge of technology and sustainability.

Let’s continue to drive the future, together.


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Wayne Super

Vice President, Global Partner Organization and Capital Markets

Cisco Capital