The New Year always brings a time of reflection and a focus on the coming year. It is critical that our new year goals, include getting your customers to the next level, and also delivering value beyond connectivity.

The new goals are rooted in how well we as a partner community provide insights and create solutions that explain the value of additional automation, operational visibility, compliance, and enhanced secure environments for our customers.

That is what we should think of when we encourage customers to implement key intent-based network use cases such as Assurance, and SD-Access.

I have heard Chuck Robbins say he believes Partners have a unique ability to understand where their customers are today and how to enable their value beyond connectivity. Take advantage of this opportunity, and lead your customers into the new year and transform their business.

In this newyear, you can do more to realize value beyond connectivity by thinking beyond the access domain. Customers are transforming their wide area networks todeal with the expansion of a modern Cloud edge. Think about how you will modernize your customer’s WAN environments with SD-WAN. At a minimum, consider how your customers will benefit from Cisco DNA Essentials software by limitingthe sale of “naked” hardware. When you attach Cisco DNA Essentials to your router sales, you capture repeatable business through subscription software and provide your customer:

  • Cloud Management
  • SD orchestration
  • Zero-touchprovisioning
  • Application visibility
  • Many other Security capabilities beyond traditional Router SEC licenses at a better price!

Across all these Enterprise Networking technologies, Cisco is assistingin the form of incentives and training. You should be aware/participating in the following:

For more information, visit the Cisco DNA partnerpages.

You may want to create a bookmark/file and keep this communication handy as an ongoing reference as we’ll continue to add more content here for you and your team to leverage.

Let’s all accelerate our monetization of these great innovations during 2019!


Jason W. Gallo


Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales