Today in San Francisco, Rowan Trollope, SVP IoT and Applications, announced two ground-breaking Cisco Spark innovations that will leave their mark on the collaboration industry forever: Cisco Spark Board and new Cisco Spark software capabilities that, together, will revolutionize the meeting experience.

Everyone here is thrilled about the unprecedented levels of productivity we’ll enable for our customers. But what’s equally exciting is the opportunity these much-anticipated announcements mean for you.  All of the investments we’ve made to transform your practices for a future of cloud services and recurring revenue have prepared us for this day. That future is here.

Since we set out on this journey – three years ago – to make revolutionary collaboration affordable and available to everyone, we’ve been working hard to prepare you for the cloud collaboration opportunity. This past November at Partner Summit, everything started to come together as we accelerated “full speed” to cloud with the announcement of Cisco Spark Flex Plan, that bridge to the cloud and recurring revenue.

Now, all of the pieces are in place.

  • WebEx cloud conferencing and our endpoints will converge in Cisco Spark.
  • We’ve introduced Cisco Spark Board, an all-in-one device, powered by the cloud to connect physical and virtual work spaces around the world.
  • Customers can order everything – room devices and software – on a monthly subscription through the Cisco Spark Flex Plan. Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) option becomes available in February.
  • Plus, you can develop third-party applications using Spark for Developers to bring differentiated cloud collaboration capabilities into your customers’ critical business workflows.

With Cisco Spark, you can increase your profits not just from selling subscriptions but from monetizing adoption and integration services and adding new small business customers by selling cloud capabilities online.

The on-ramps to cloud and recurring revenue are wide open. 2017 is our year to bring revolutionary meetings to everyone and lead with Spark. One of the ways we’ll leave our mark is sure to be with dollar signs.

Learn more! Visit the launch site for replays of the keynote and partner sessions from today’s live launch event in San Francisco as well as regional partner webinars and other valuable launch resources.


Gary Wolfson

Director, Global Partner Software Sales