There has never been a better time to change the world together. Now is the time to work together, leverage our partner ecosystem, and use the power of the Cisco brand to be better together in the digital future.

What’s New?

Our recent Brand Campaign Launch clearly reflects the importance of how we can combine our strengths to drive customer success and profitability. If you haven’t seen or heard about it, I encourage you to check out the social conversation by tracking the #NeverBetter hashtag. You’ll notice this brand campaign is different. This time, our partners play a huge role because they are an integral part of the digital transformation we are driving together. There are phenomenal stories demonstrating the amazing things we can do together. Expect many more stories to come as we continue to prove that there’s never been a better time for us to change the world together.

Why Now?

Digitization isn’t going to wait for anyone. According to the Global Center for Business Transformation, 40% of companies are at risk of being displaced because they’re not equipped for the digital future. This is where we can work with partners to help ensure those companies aren’t falling behind.  Digitization is happening at a rate that is paced by end-user and customer demand; a rate that we can’t tackle alone. Those who are reactive may lose the race.

In order for us to be proactive and monetize digital now, we must move as one with agility, speed and the vision to anticipate what’s around the corner. At Cisco, we know our extensive and experienced Cisco ecosystem combined with an established and powerful technology brand is a tangible advantage and sturdy ship that can pierce through the strong waters of the digital future.

During Partner Summit back in March, I told our Americas partners about my 3 E’s: Engagement, Enablement & Evolution, as a launch-pad for executing and monetizing digital today. The foundational message of our brand campaign and the approach we are taking with our partners are aligned, and that’s what excites me the most today.

Empowering our Partners

Engagement. The time is now to listen to you and for us to listen to our mutual customers. Together we can customize solutions for desired business outcomes. When we engage this way with you, we become your trusted advisor. This empowers you to do the same for your customers, earning their loyalty and opening up faster paths to revenue.

Enablement. The time is now to train, provide tools and resources, and enable you to be relevant to the desired business outcomes of customers. Together we can be relevant to our customers’ needs.

Evolution. The time is now to evolve together. Disruption means change and change means opportunity. What was once valuable 10 years ago, is no longer today.  In order for us to deliver customer success, we must evolve in a way that allows the partner to adapt to customer demands and capitalize on the digital opportunities that arise.

I will continue to share more in the near future around the programmatic benefits and next steps for our partners regarding these 3 E’s. I’ll also be engaging more from a social and blog standpoint moving forward.

If you are not a partner with Cisco, learn how to get started today.

Partners, learn more about our new brand campaign and how you can leverage Cisco’s brand here. Connect with your Cisco rep to tell us your story of how we have or can change the world together.

Be sure to join the brand campaign conversation using #NeverBetter.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and send me questions – or you can leave any comments below. Your feedback is always important.


Rick Snyder

Senior Vice President

Americas Partner Organization