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There’s Never Been A Better Time

- May 3, 2016 - 56 Comments

We are technology optimists.

Billions of people and things are being connected globally. Digitization is forcing organizations and even countries to reimagine business models, products and services. Every industry, government, school system, university and hospital is grappling with how to navigate this digital transformation era to deliver the best experiences and value possible. Predictions say digital disruption will replace nearly four out of the top 10 industry leaders within five years. While this is a time of tremendous change, it is also a time of tremendous opportunity. Cisco truly believes that the technology behind the disruption plays a crucial role in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.

For 30 years our goal has been to change the way people work, live, play and learn. Now it’s time for us to step forward with a new message of optimism and to share it in a bold and different way.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new Cisco brand campaign centered on the theme, There’s Never Been a Better Time. In developing this campaign, we had deep conversations with our customers, partners, employees, and influencers. We discovered that despite the many challenges they face, they are excited about the present and the future. They are technology optimists, because like Cisco, they believe technology is a force for good in the world.

This campaign focuses on real stories from our customers and partners. These stories show how our technology is transforming entire industries and countries – bringing water to those who don’t have it, making jobs safer and cities smarter, and even saving the lives of people and animals.

We’ve taken an entirely new approach to the campaign that puts our customers first and is optimized to reach audiences digitally and socially. We’ve also invited our partners to get in on the action with joint marketing and the ability to share their own stories through the campaign. The stories we highlight tangibly connect to our solutions and services that are solving today’s problems.

Check out our new campaign, read stories from our customers and partners and find out how you can spread the #NeverBetter love on your social handles. Share with us why There’s Never Been a Better Time for technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges.


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  1. Great campaign.... I'm all aboard

    Great campaign! Proud to be a part of it.

    Lets digitize the world !!

    Digital Transformation = Brand Transformation. A great look for our disruptive technology and how we'll help our customers transform to meet the future!

    Digital disruption, I like it!

  2. Great that I am able to be a part of it! Who of my coworkers wants to get connected on Linkedin, please don't hesitate; we can share the message an get it tranding :)

      I just sent an invite to connect Carla :-)

    Such an exciting time to be an employee at Cisco! I LOVE the new brand campaign, it really helps to make technology more tangible so we can more freely discuss all the life changing things that happen that are enabled by technology.

  3. Great catch-phrase! Real-time customer action = real-time revenue!

    This campaign looks absolutely amazing !

    This is exciting! It´s LIVE! Congrats to the entire team.

    Woot woot!! #Neverbetter time to be at Cisco!

  4. Absolutely loving this!! Great campaign! #NeverBetter

    Karen - This is an AMAZING campaign. Inspiring and Motivating. Together with our Customers and Partners we will make the world a better place!

    One more comment - as I watched more videos, I found the bold and human part of our messaging is huge. A couple of the videos, such as saving a life wherever may it be, tugged on my heart and I actually felt tears starting. The visuals, with its accompanying content, have a huge impact. Though people like to think they make practical decisions based on facts in buying products, choosing investments, or selecting a job, ultimately, emotion is the driving force behind our final choices.

    I can't wait for the world to see how Cisco is a pivot point for change! Incredible vision and well done!

    Fantastic orchestration! This is really a great brand campaign.

  5. Great stories, very excited about this :)

  6. Super excited and proud to be a part of the Cisco Family! #NeverBetter

    #NeverBetter time to be a part of this truly awesome global campaign!

    Cisco in action!

    Loving the new campaign Karen, you had me at hello! #NeverBetter #NeverBeenaBetterCMO

    Congratulations! This campaign is absolutely amazing. There’s Never Been A Better Time for a new amazing Cisco brand campaign. Great truly stories idea.

    Love the new campaign! It makes me feel very proud to work @Cisco. There has never been a better time to be a Cisco employee!!

  7. Great stuff, very excited about the new campaign! :)

    Great stuff, very excited about the new campaign! :)

  8. Very nice Karen. Best of luck Cisco.

  9. It's such an exciting time to be in technology and at Cisco. It's all about our customers!

    Very much relevant to present times!

  10. Love it

    Making the world a better place #NeverBetter time @Cisco

    loving it!

  11. Cisco and Red Hat have formed a partnership which has the potential to change the word's corporate IT infrastructures in a major way. Keep up the innovative thinking and good luck with your campaign to convince business leaders to change their paradigms about computing. It's clear to me that IT "fiefdoms" in corporate America will resist this change so you must sell CEOs and Presidents on the fact that this is the next big technology evolution in corporate America.

    #NeverBetter - Cisco making a difference in people's lives and changing the world. Great campaign. Go Cisco!

  12. #NeverBettertime to make the world a better place through technology and people!

    Great campaign! #Neverbeentheright time to Make a difference!

  13. Love that Cisco is saving rhinos!

    There's Never Been a Better Time for 2 thumbs up.

  14. Great story thanks for the info! Digital Transformation is the way tp the future...

  15. Awesome, I love this new campaign. Keep it up! #WeAreCisco

  16. I dont think its time to change the message. Changing the way people live, work, play and learn is WHY Cisco exists so emphasize that core value. The campaign shouldnt focus on HOW/WHAT you do but WHY you do it...then people will get behind the message. All great movements start with a clear core value that can be carried by others to create vision and change for everyone. Technology can be the catalyst to changing everything - that to me should remain the message

  17. This is a great initiative and I would love to see what Cisco is going to do to help solve the social problems that will be caused by the mass automation of people's jobs.

  18. A humanised campaign! It's great.

    True Transformation - We are Cisco!

  19. I'm very proud to be a part of this company and such a great campaign!

  20. Standardization among lighting developers for the digital ceiling is required. We are well on our way as we progress. Way to lead the charge Cisco!

  21. I have always been proud of what we do in Cisco. We are force for connecting all human beings on the planet for the greater good of all. To see it in first hand in these ads its awe inspiring. To be a part of it is a privilege.

    Great campaign! Love the energy. #Neverbetter

    I LOVE the new brand campaign! Proud to be part of this team!

  22. Awesome campaign!!

  23. comment

    Very nicely done. Such campaigns directly speak with the limbic senses. Cheers from Cisco Jasper!

    never for ignore that , Security is major concern in all kind of digital Transformation... Great campaign....

    Love the new brand campaign!!

    Great! May I suggest the next one?

  24. Great campaign!!