Opportunities to engage with Networking Academy and Cisco

One of the longest standing services offered by the Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program is the Dream Team. Since 2011, Dream Teams have been helping install the temporary wireless networks at major events around the world. Past events have included Cisco Live, NBA games, the Olympics, music festivals, and more. Even though Partner Summit Digital and other events have gone virtual or put on hold in 2020, it is a great time to start thinking about the next opportunity that people can get together in person.

Dream Team participants are nominated by their instructors to apply, and hand selected to participate for this engaging real-world opportunity. They spend a week, on average, working alongside industry experts to install the equipment needed to support the demand of thousands of attendees (and their devices!) that create an engaging experience.

Most of our students receive new employment or a promotion within the first year that they participate, but often much sooner. The Dream Team opportunity allows participants to have relevant experience on their resumes and help prepare them to achieve their dream job.

Cisco Channel Partners and the Dream Team

The Dream Team is not only a special learning opportunity for Networking Academy students but can also be a unique opportunity for our channel and technology partners. Partnerships have allowed us to expand the program to new events, creating a deeper relationship with our customers, partners, and local community as we collaborate on a social impact effort.

Meet members of the Dream Team from last year’s Partner Summit in Las Vegas sponsored by NetSync.

Most Dream Team opportunities involve working with the regional Networking Academies near the event site (example: for an event in Las Vegas we work with students based in Las Vegas). This creates a positive impact on the host city by empowering local students with relevant work-related experience and chance to build their professional network.

Select events allow channel partners sponsorship opportunities. You can read more about our partnership with CDW for the Cisco Live Dream Team here! Both sponsor and partner opportunities for the Dream Team allow you to recruit top talent for your organization by establishing relationships during the lifecycle of the event. Many of our Dream Team alumni have found employment with our sponsors and partners (like Ifedolapo Ogunjuyigbe, our 2019 Cisco Live Team Captain now at CDW).

With the Dream Team, our partners can build relationships, recruit talent, and help empower our future generation of network engineers. For any events that you or your customer hosts, consider teaming up with a Dream Team!

Learn more about our Talent Bridge Dream Team program.



Donna Wright

Program Manager, Talent Bridge

Corporate Affairs