Our most profitable partners sell security. And the underpinning of security solutions is software.

Yet profit isn’t the only reason you should amp up your security practice. With cyberattacks increasing in both sophistication and volume, cybersecurity is on the top of everyone’s mind.

Our security and software architectures are the most comprehensive on the market. Quite simply, it’s the best you can offer your customers. And since the best must always improve to stay on top, we keep adding new solutions to our portfolio.


See threats faster. And more clearly.

Help your customers detect and respond to threats before damage is done. How? With the new Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints. With this solution you can quickly, effectively, and automatically prevent attacks. AMP for Endpoints gives you deep visibility into what is happening on the endpoints, the context to understand why those things are happening, and the ability to take control and quickly remediate attacks.

With AMP for Endpoints you can secure your customer’s networks and lock down profits.  And  you have the potential to expand deal sizes by 25 percent or more.


Create customers for life. And protect them along the way.

The key to profitable growth is recurring revenue. The key to creating customers for life is giving them as much service after the sale (if not more) as you do before you make the sale. With the new Cisco ONE Advanced Security Suite you can easily accomplish both while also protecting customers with threat defense.

Consider this: on average, organizations have more than 30 security solutions deployed. As a result, businesses are struggling with fragmentation, complexity, and gaps in security.

With Cisco ONE Advanced Security, it’s easier than ever to fortify an organization’s data center, WAN and access.  You’ll also minimize the time you spend figuring out what security solutions to sell, deploy and integrate. With more opportunity to attach security to your EN and DC infrastructure deals and potential to add post-sale, adoption services, you can increase the size of deals more quickly.


Simple Security. Everywhere.

Security layered throughout a customer’s business is a top priority. Now you can help customers secure everything from the cloud to the endpoint and everywhere in between with Cisco’s architectural approach. Do all this while securing additional revenue opportunities. Not only is the holistic subscription simple to manage and designed to mitigate risk, but these solution suites mean larger deal sizes and recurring revenue for you.


Looking to take advantage of these new opportunities?

There are a few things you can do right now:


If you don’t have a security specialization or a Solution Provider Partner/Integrator, be sure to connect with a member of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem that does have that specialization. The security landscape is so deep that sometimes you need an expert in your corner that will help you refine your strategy and customer approach.


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Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales