Last year, you told us that you need simple yet powerful tools that make it easy for you to market with Cisco. So, we revamped Marketing Velocity back in July to help you do just that. Now we’re going to take that to the next level!

As we head into the new year, I wanted to share the key updates we’ve been working on for Marketing Velocity that can help you elevate your marketing practice and own your edge.

Sharpen your marketing skills on the go

First up, I’m happy to introduce new learning paths from Marketing Velocity Learning. These are on-demand, modular, comprehensive trainings developed to make you an expert in the areas you have asked us about most.

Our very first path is available now: Developing a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign. This path includes 7 progressive modules that can transform you and your team into campaign planning pros.  Once completed, you can even share your snazzy certificate of completion with your colleagues to inspire them!

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put together a pitch-perfect plan
  • Debut your campaign using the latest trends in digital marketing
  • Measure and report on how it works

Stay tuned for the next learning path on Building a Social Selling Practice, launching next month. In the meantime, share your feedback below with ideas for future paths you’d like to see!

Discover more ready-made resources

You can also grab many new and updated marketing resources from the Marketing Velocity site. These will give you a head start on creating campaigns that speak to what our customers care most about.

You can get these new or updated campaigns today:

  • Security (refresh + translated to all major languages)
  • Software-Defined Networking (new campaign + showcase)
  • Modernizing the Firewall (new campaign)

And here’s a sneak peek of others coming soon:

  • Work Smarter with Webex Meeting (refresh)
  • Attach Meeting and Devices (messaging + campaigns)

Marketing Velocity live events

Last up, we’re bringing Marketing Velocity to you, live and around the world. During the year, we’re hosting exclusive, invitation-only in region events. We’ll have keynotes from thought leaders, networking opportunities with peers and Cisco executives, and workshops to sharpen your skills.

Upcoming events:

  • APJC: Melbourne, Australia, March 4-6
  • AMER: Austin, Texas, March 10-11
  • EMEAR: Lisbon, Portugal, April 21-23

We hope to see you there! But if you can’t make it this time, we’ve got you covered. As always, you can catch event recaps in our upcoming blogs and view the replays on Marketing Velocity Learning.

Check back for more

This is just the beginning of a lot more to come in 2020. I’ll be sure to keep you updated about new resources as they go live.

It’s an exciting time to be in marketing; exciting to see what the new year has in store; and exciting to be in this together. Because together, we do the most incredible things. I can’t wait to see where 2020 takes us.


Boon Lai

Vice President

Global Partner Marketing