The global pandemic of the past year has resulted in sudden and unexpected changes in all aspects of how we live and work. Everything we do, and how we do it, has been subject to re-evaluation and change.

What’s at the center of this unprecedented and challenging time, as we adapt, pivot and create new and innovative approaches in all that we do at Cisco?  Communication: it’s a key factor that shapes how and when we effectively connect with others, while still maintaining a human aspect in a digital world. And, for the Cisco Global Partner Readiness Team, digital is key to all we do as we guide and support our partners and distributors.

Digital and Social partner engagement: Partners are at the center of all communications

Digital is Foundational

Nuno Varandas, Senior Director of Client Experience Services (CES) Central Operations, who leads Central Partner Operations and Global Partner Readiness, stresses that “digital is foundational.” It’s crucial that we provide our partners and distributors with the guidance they need 24/7, to help them achieve the right level of operational maturity and operational business transformation.

The Global Partner Readiness Team takes communicating with our partners and distributors, and our relationships with them, very seriously. How do we do that?

  • We maintain a ‘multi-channel approach’ as we engage with you, creating and leveraging many digital assets.
  • Whatever your communication preference is, we continually look for new ways to inform, educate and engage our partners and distributors with consistent and transparent content in a variety of platforms and formats.
  • We make certain that we’re always here when partners need us!

Connect, Communicate and Engage

Partners, how do you communicate, learn and engage with us? Connect with our Partner Operational Readiness Hub and the numerous resources and opportunities listed there. Regularly keep up with the latest operational announcements and updates in the Readiness Review. Engage with our new, integrated social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. Don’t miss out on valuable content that is relevant to you, as you sell and manage Cisco products.

Providing partners with focused and valuable information isn’t all we do on the Global Partner Readiness Team. We also:

  • Study data analysis to measure and understand how our content is performing to meet your needs and help you achieve your operational readiness.
  • Evaluate your feedback to help us identify trends and make better decisions as we anticipate the future.
  • Always listen to you, so Tell Us What You Think! Also check out our ‘question of the week’ or leave feedback about anything else on your mind!

Watch the following video for a glimpse from some of our teammates on our up-to-date offerings for our partners and distributors, whether you communicate with us on our Hub, or through social media, your phone, or email. Learn about the digital resources we offer, how to set up your self-service partner profile to ensure you receive the latest operational updates, and much more.

Connect, communicate and engage with us today! Choose from our many digital sources and options to help accelerate your organization’s operational effectiveness. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here to communicate with you, help you, and provide the best possible support for your success. We’re all in this together!


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Linda Gardner Crandall

Content Lead / Program Manager

Global Partner Readiness