You’ve already seen what I had to say about Wonder Vision and The Alchemist. Up next is Super Voice! As I continue my series on marketing superpowers, you’ll continue to see updates from each of the superheroes below, and I’ll make sure you have links to each blog post for your convenience. Here is what we’ve covered so far, and what is yet to come:

  • Wonder Vision – The power to see what no one yet can see
  • Alchemist – The power to blend art with science in a way no one can ignore
  • Super Voice – The power to reach millions at the same time
  • Data Man – The power to turn piles of data into competitive insights and deliver real marketing value
  • Mega Mentor – The power to get the most from others

Let’s have a look at Super Voice!

Cutting through the clutter to tell a relevant story is no easy feat for anyone. That’s why we need to develop a Super Voice.

Delivering timely, relevant and compelling content across multiple channels using websites, social media and digital publications turns each customer contact into part of an ongoing conversation. With an increasing attention to the digital world, you are seeing more and more “Chief Digital Officers” within companies. Those CDOs are the ones tasked with being the Super Voice that ensures your brands achieve a common voice around the globe.

They also ensure you remain relevant, adaptable and valid within the channel and within every region. That ability to reach millions at the same time is what Super Voice is all about!

While we were in Chicago this year at Cisco Marketing Velocity, we saw a fabulous presentation from David Meerman Scott. I highly recommend watching the replay if you have not seen it already. David talks about the astonishing reach of social media and the digital world, and most importantly how you can use that Super Voice to reach out to customers with the information they want, exactly when they want it.

I was struck by David’s observations that the Web, and specifically social media, has changed the rules for marketing and public relations. Creating useful content is the key to tapping into all social media, but especially for grabbing the attention of bloggers and media.

Cisco employs some bright minds in the digital/social world, and they are always honing their Super Voices to make sure our partners have the information that they need, exactly when they need it. Of course, we are always looking to improve, just like you, so let us know what you think.

In fact, I urge you to attend our webcast, Amplify Your Voice: Reach More Customers with Content-Driven Social Media. We are holding that event on September 9. You can go ahead and register for that event right now.

In the Amplify Your Voice webcast, you will learn how to reach and engage more customers by integrating content into a powerful social media strategy. We like to refer to it as using social media to turn the volume of your brand’s voice up to 11. Hence, Super Voice!

In about sixty minutes, we’ll do our best to cover:

  • Best practices employed by various companies
  • How real-time marketing factors in
  • Hands on lessons on creating content to drive clicks, follows, shares and comments

Super Voice is emerging as a critical team member in our group of superheroes, because he or she has the power to reach so many more people through so many new channels. I know that some of you already employ your Super Voice every day, and you do it well. However, if you are not filling the role of Super Voice on your team, make sure someone is and help them continually develop their Super Voice abilities.

Super Voice cuts through the clutter to tell a relevant story and that’s what marketing is all about. We have to deliver engaging content across an awful lot of channels. If we do it well, we not only reach millions at the same time, we give them exactly what they want, exactly when they want it, and that is exactly what we’re always trying to accomplish in marketing.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I always welcome your feedback on how we’re doing at Cisco. Let me know how it’s working for you.


Sherri Liebo

Vice President

Global Partner Marketing