Get access to the latest Cisco innovations through an easy-to-use subscription bundle

Explaining the complexity of digital transformation is actually pretty simple: organizations need the latest technology to function at the highest possible level and stay competitive.

Sounds easy enough, right? However, addressing digital transformation can quickly become challenging and convoluted when weighing various business priorities, budget restrictions, and the accelerating rate of technology updates.

We saw our partners struggle with these challenges and decided that a simple solution would be the best way to address this complex problem. We created Easy Pay to make digital transformation as easy as possible and help solve many of the underlying capital expenditure challenges organizations face when acquiring new technology.

With Easy Pay, partners and customers can spread out the cost of hardware over three years, interest-free, with predictable monthly payments and no upfront costs. They pay 90% of the cost at 0% interest over 36 months and then decide whether to refresh their installed base having only paid 90% or pay the remaining 10% (with no interest added) and keep it. Through this tailored, transparent and flexible payment solution, partners can now give customers access to the latest technology while limiting up-front capital investment with a payment plan that aligns to milestones achieved throughout a digital transformation. By aligning payments to revenue or cost saving streams, for example, partners can help customers preserve cash by avoiding up front capital outlays previously required when paying for the full cost of a solution up-front.

With Cisco Easy Pay, organizations of all types and sizes can integrate financial agility into the core of their digital transformation strategy – while saving cash. Easy Pay offers customers a simple way to have ongoing access to the latest Cisco innovations such as security, collaboration and Meraki. In addition, it means no cash flow or currency fluctuation risks for the partner.

Equipping a global team with the tools to succeed  

NRB, an IT solutions provider and Cisco Partner, provides an example of how partners can use Easy Pay and apply their learnings to help customers.  NRB was faced with a challenge; they needed to extend their cloud computing services (in an effort to scale) while also minimizing the financial risk that this entailed. They wanted the best of both worlds – to grow without exposing their organization to the dangers of growth investment.

Easy Pay helped NRB get exactly what they wanted. By approaching their investment strategically, NRB realized they could bill their cloud-managed service on a monthly basis and use Easy Pay to align payments to the service delivery model. This gives NRB a predictable cost model and helps them price their offerings more competitively – ultimately helping satisfy the needs of their customers.

NRB was able to save money by not having to finance the cost of their offering over the term of the contract.

NRB turned a reactive financial plan into a proactive financial strategy that both preserved cash while opening up new technological flexibility for both their clients and their internal organization.

From a strategic perspective, NRB championed a financial tactic that ultimately morphed into a top-down organizational strategy. NRB’s team illustrates technological investment no longer needs to cause headaches as another outright cost, but instead can lead to dynamic strategic change.


The world is changing fast and, now more than ever, businesses need access to the latest technology to remain agile and stay in front of these changes. Similar to other consumer-focused subscription-model services, Easy Pay reduces upfront costs to zero and replaces these costs with monthly payments. It is all about keeping you, our partners, happy and growing your organizations.

With these principles in mind, digital transformation does not need to be difficult. In fact, we think we can help you transform your organizations much more easily.

Visit www.cisco.com to learn more or contact your account manager or partner representative to see how you can finance your Cisco technology.


Wendy Bahr

No Longer with Cisco