What do analytics, software, install base refresh, and giving back have in common? Google doesn’t have the answer but we do. This week we’re talking about:

  • A real time intelligent view of everything happening in your network
  • What our journey from hardware to software means for you
  • A fresh perspective on install base refresh
  • A key ingredient to innovation
  • How kids explaining the Cloud is raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital


Do you know what’s happening in your network? And your customers networks?

This week we launched Tetration. See if you can find which blog has this simple description of what it is, and what it means for you and our customers:

It’s the first Analytics Platform in the market that provides pervasive and complete visibility across everything in the data center, in real time – every packet, every flow, every speed. A single Tetration appliance monitors up to one million unique flows per second. Think of it in this way: if a problem in a data center were a grain of sand in the desert, Tetration would find it!

More details on Tetration in these blogs:

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The journey from hardware to software: what it means for you

Software is a key to our transformation. Hear our CEO, Chuck Robbins’, vision for our partners as we shift from hardware experts to software specialists. Together. Watch the video.


 Software is a key ingredient to innovation

SVP John Bridgen says, “Overly complex software will slow implementation and impede innovation. Consumption models will need to align closely with a company’s needs, IT budget and timetable for adoption of new technology.”

Are you investing in the right (Cisco) software to meet your customers’ needs and speed innovation? Read more about what John has to say in this blog.

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A fresh perspective on install base refresh

Sales 101: Refresh the install base. Make more money.

Are you read to take this one step further to make more sales, make more money, and make more customer happy? Find out how to focus on post-sales engagement and create customers for life. Help your sales teams look beyond refresh and beyond the sale in this Blog.


Kids explain the cloud; St. Jude’s Hospital gets money

What’s interesting, humorous, and generous? When kids explain the cloud, our friend’s @Meraki will donate $10 to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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What’s next?

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