Whether you missed something this week or want a sneak peek at what’s to come, we’ve got you covered. This week we’re talking about:

  • Ten amazing women – who are they and what makes them so amazing?
  • Digital transformation (we’re ALWAYS talking about digital transformation)
  • Putting your sales into overdrive with software
  • Making our brand campaign work for you


You’ll only see this here

What do these 10 women have in common?

These ten women have something in common.
These ten women have something in common.

They are all part of CRNs Most Powerful Women of the Channel. These accomplished women are:


Give Wendy, Marcy, Michelle, Heather, Connie, Sandra, Julie, Kristyn, Renee, and Donna (Donna, we can’t find you on twitter!),  a shout out and congrats on Twitter.


Digital Transformation: Make More Money with Software

This week Jason Gallo, Director of Sales, asked, “as [digital transformation] accelerates are you able to keep up…and take advantage?” in his blog. Then he revealed the three ways our partners can make money with Cisco Software. (hint: it relates to what Sandra Flinders talked about last week in her blog.)

Oren Singer, Sr Manager, also joined the software and digital transformation conversation in his blog. Find out how we all can stop overthinking products, solution or licenses with Cisco One. All while enjoying some coffee. (Oren, what’s your coffee of choice? Philz?)

In the news:

Fast forward:

  • Grace Lo, Director of Business Development shares ways to accelerate your growth and profitability (sneak peek: it’s all about the role you play)


Making our brand campaign work for you

In his latest blog, Rick Snyder, SVP, Americas Partner Organization, elaborates on how our new brand campaign drives engagement, enablement and evolution. (hint: the future is digital, the time is now; keep the conversation going with Rick).

Fast Forward:

  • Wendy Bahr, SVP, Worldwide Partner Organization, will talk about how our new brand campaign ties into simplicity, alignment, and value exchange (sneak peek: Wendy fills in the blank “For the first time ever our partners can ___”.


What’s next?

The partner weekly rewind and fast forward is designed to give you a snapshot of what you missed and what’s to come. Tell us what you think and what you want to hear about in the comments. And come back next week for more!




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