Time is valuable. And it never feels like we have enough of it. Learn how to save time, make more money, reach more customers, and stay connected. Seem impossible? It’s not!


Service contracts are a time and money succubus. But they don’t have to be.

Tracking thousands of services contracts, renewing those contracts, and ensuring price and service levels are accurate, all while keeping customers happy can drain your day and your wallet.

Find out how TechData spent less time and money converting more service renewals and helped their resellers do the same. Kelly Crothers, Director, shares the story in this blog.


Three ways to stand out and stay connected.

Our customers are smart. They’re savvy. They have access to all the same research, data, and trends that we have. By the time a customer reaches out they already know what the problem is and how to solve it.

There is more pressure – and more opportunity – for us to help customers make good business decisions. Decisions that lead to more money, better outcomes, and happier customers. Karin Surber, Sales Manager, shares three strategies to stand out and stay connected in this blog.


Why security, software, and the install base matter so much to our distributors.

Three of the topics we’ve talked a lot about this quarter are security, software, and the install base. Why? All three can lead to enormous success or complete breakdown. Our distributors play a big role in helping partners and customers make sense of the market and opportunity for each of these.

Julie Hens, Vice President, talks about how we’re helping our distributors in this blog.


What’s next?

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