Five is our magic number for the week as we look back on 5 ways to earn more revenue from fewer customers, 5 takeaways from Cisco Live, and our (almost) 5 pillars of partner marketing.


5 ways to earn more revenue from fewer customers

Here’s something we all know but don’t all act on: it’s more costly to land new customers than it is to retain existing customers. Fifteen percent more costly. This week Steve Cox, Director, shares five ways you can earn more revenue from fewer customers in this blog. Hint: think about trust, value, dialogue, data, and automation.


>> Fast Forward: We’ll talk about Tech Data’s success using automation to bring more value to their customers and more revenue to their business. We’ll also recap highlights from all of our recent blogs on how to bring more value to customers.


5 takeaways from Cisco Live

Announcements from Cisco Live are saturating the market, newsfeeds, social media, and your inbox. Whether you’re trying to make sense about what it means for you or just want a refresher of all the big news, Rick Snyder, SVP, has you covered. He recaps his top 5 takeaways from the event in this blog.

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(not quite) 5 pillars of helping partner marketers become engaging marketers

What makes our marketing enablement program stand out from the rest (ahem, our competitors) and consistently win awards? And why is it so important to us? This week Channel Management digs into our four pillars of partner marketing success with Chad Reese, Director, in this article.


“Cisco is one of the rare organizations that have a partner digital marketing team embedded in its digital marketing group. It is not unheard of for global partner marketing teams to promote digital marketing. But the fact that Cisco has an entire team dedicated to digital marketing in the channel demonstrates just how important it is to them that their partners make this transition—and make it fast.”


Find out more about how your marketing team can enhance their expertise, create conversations, and help your company stand out. It all starts when they Engage.


What’s next?

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