As you saw from my November 1 blog on our Google partnership, we continue to see tremendous momentum with multicloud. I’ve also received very positive feedback from partners and customers who are excited to see Cisco evolve its strategy to incorporate public cloud. On January 31, we took one step further by announcing the Cisco Container Platform. The Cisco Container Platform will provide customers with even more choice and flexibility in private multicloud application management, and allow them to choose where they run their cloud-native, Kubernetes-based workloads.

By the way, the new Cisco Container Platform works really well on Cisco HyperFlex 3.0, the latest edition of our hyper-convergence platform. The integration of Cisco Container Platform and HyperFlex will help accelerate customers’ time to value. It will also allow partners to focus on providing value-added services instead of standing up the solution as disparate components.

But how will the Cisco Container Platform and Cisco HyperFlex 3.0 benefit you as a Cisco partner?

What’s In It for You

If you are a reseller, ITSP, system integrator/DSI, or consultant, here is how you can leverage both solutions:

  • Yields New Revenue Opportunities—You can create new revenue streams with Cisco Container Platform subscriptions and expand the existing HyperFlex/ACI footprint for containers. You can go back to your install base and have new use case conversations with your customers’ IT and DevOps decision-makers about modernizing applications. It also enables you to assist IT decision-makers who are struggling to meet new requirements of application owners while maintaining compliance and security.
  • Opens Up New Buying Centers – The Cisco Container Platform together with the Cisco and Google Cloud hybrid cloud solution creates an opportunity to expand your relationships with line of business (LOB), cloud developers, DevOps, and application architects. You can offer the Cisco Container Platform to these buyers as a turn-key and validated solution that is optimized and co-innovated with Google Cloud. All of this is wrapped in Cisco enterprise class support.
  • Expands Professional Services Opportunities – You can help customers realize their true multicloud potential by helping them modernize their application landscape with containers and Kubernetes clusters, thus freeing these companies from cloud provider lock-in. You have the opportunity to be central to this customer transformation and drive more business resilience, flexibility, and agility. For example, you can host pre-sales consulting workshops on DevOps strategies, containerization, refactoring and application modernization. In addition you can offer customers proof of value (POV) opportunities, integration, migration, and managed services on Cisco Container Platform.

To get a partner’s perspective on these announcements, read this latest blog from Groupware Technology.

In order to meet customers’ demands for performance, compliance, security, etc. IT decision-makers need agile and simple solutions that we are preparing to deliver at a global scale. Stay tuned for more updates as we enable the secure, scalable, and open multicloud.



Ken Trombetta

Vice President, Global and Strategic Partner Organization

Global Partners Organization (GPO)