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Cisco Partner Summit has ended, but we continue to build on the momentum and excitement around our security innovations and announcements. At Partner Summit Jeetu Patel, Emma Carpenter and Shaila Shankar took the stage to highlight our partner profitability programs and the opportunities around the firewall refresh cycle.

New Security Global Marketing Campaign — If it’s connected, it’s protected

Alongside our product and profitability announcements, our marketing team launched a new global marketing brand campaign. Carrie Palin, unveiled our latest video highlighting how Cisco security delivers a complete set of security solutions, all designed to integrate seamlessly with third party technology to deliver resilient, end-to-end protection. I also sat down with CRNtv for an interview on the new security brand campaign: Cisco Sees demand for Biometrics, Passwordless Security.

Cisco is unleashing the firewall

We believe that the firewall is more than a box. It is the advanced capabilities that yield the outcomes to protect data and applications, no matter where they may roam.

You heard from Emma Carpenter and Shaila Shankar that we continue to innovate and prioritize the firewall. Our customer’s business depends on the hybrid and multi-cloud reality. The need for security resilience is paramount to protect the integrity of your business amidst unpredictable threats and change, and it starts by securing the core of your cloud with Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual.

As a Cisco partner, you can help your customers move beyond the traditional concept of a firewall and embrace a new model. We have refreshed our Reimagine the Firewall campaign in Marketing Velocity Central (MVC) to help you generate demand during this refresh cycle. Check out the Firewall Campaign Materials.

Our partner commitments: Simplification & Profitability

Cisco Security is committed to delivering more value and creating innovative experiences for you our partners. Our strategy and our innovation roadmap are all focused on you our Partners. We are committed to help you deliver more value to customers and to help you become more profitable.

  • Simplifying how you do business with Cisco: We are taking active steps to simplify the ease of doing business with Cisco Security in ways that accelerate your velocity and scaling your growth. We are continuing to invest in our partners’ programs, offers, and expanding our routes to market so that our partners can be more profitable.
  • Always register your deals: Security Deal Registration remains critical for Partners to gain significant discount differential and increase their profitability. Always Register your deals and be sure to bookmark the Selling Security for Partners page for the latest offers and promotions.
  • Compelling offers and promotions: Recent examples include “One Year on Us” that we expanded to include the complete SaaS and recurring software subscription portfolio. Please visit and bookmark the Selling Security for Partners page to keep up-to-date on the latest offers and promotions.

While on the topic of new offers, we are about to launch several new partner-led, cross-architecture attach offers. They are designed help you Connect and Protect your customers and will provide extremely compelling front-end discounts and very seductive backend rebates. Jeetu shared a sneak peek at Partner Summit, and the feedback has been very positive.

Details will be announced in early December, so stay tuned…


Check out our Firewall Campaign Materials!


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