Fresh from another impactful Cisco Live EMEA, the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniable. AI stands as a new frontier for businesses, a beacon of innovation in our swiftly evolving landscape.

On Partner Day, I addressed a packed room of our partners, delving into Cisco’s decade-long journey with AI. Cisco’s expertise goes beyond deploying AI solutions at scale; it extends to our innovative AI-driven portfolio. Our approach to powering, connecting, securing, and observing AI in all its forms empowers partners and customers to harness its transformative potential. Cisco’s substantial history positions us strategically, allowing us to play a pivotal role in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

Looking back to the future

Cisco’s foresight led to the reimagining of silicon from the ground up to fuel AI infrastructures. In 2019, anticipating the Internet for the Future, Cisco challenged how networking chips were built to create a groundbreaking class of silicon—Cisco Silicon One. Today, Cisco is uniquely equipped to build scalable infrastructure for powering the immense AI workloads required for Generative AI. Generative AI has crossed the threshold of technological and economic viability, unlocking new opportunities to create value. It’s becoming more intuitive and accessible, and Cisco is leveraging it as a highly effective tool to address customers’ business challenges and drive successful outcomes.

Unmatched breadth and scale of data

Cisco’s AI infrastructure boasts an unmatched breadth and scale of data to feed it, enabling applications and optimizing a connected portfolio to secure it. The foundation of AI functionality lies in massive underlying data as well as access to cloud and Internet data. Leveraging our extensive scale across enterprises, service providers, webscalers, and governments enables Cisco to securely capture more networking data than any other player in the industry. This vast dataset provides us with a unique perspective and visibility into the network, allowing us to deliver trusted end-to-end network assurance—setting us apart in our capabilities.

Harnessing the Power of AI Innovation

Our AI investments pave the way for greater outcomes and opportunities for predictive and Generative AI across our portfolio. For our partners, we aim to support accelerated automation and scaled operations by providing access to the latest AI-driven innovations and solutions. Cisco is strategically positioned to maximize these technologies in security, collaboration, networking, and observability.

  • Our AI-driven Security Cloud Platform spans the network, endpoint, and the Cloud, simplifying security management and increasing efficacy. Our scale in security allows us to build threat intelligence by analyzing 625B daily web requests and in turn help us stop millions of attacks. Every day, we observe 400B security events, research 1.6M new malware samples, and take 630B observability metrics, allowing us to provide proactive visibility, eliminate silos and achieve faster mean time to resolution.
  • Our collaboration portfolio enables our customers to work anywhere, while ensuring a seamless experience with the power of AI. Staggering stats like removing 97B minutes of background noise exemplify our use of AI. Cisco is redefining the office experience by integrating AI, creating an AI-connected modern workplace that feels easy, human, and secure.
  • In networking, Cisco’s recent announcement of its Silicon One G200 underscores our commitment to enhanced Ethernet-based AI/ML and web-scale spine deployments. This powerful networking chip handles AI/ML workloads, improving the performance of an Ethernet-based network and significantly reduce job completion time.
  • There’s a growing need for Observability across the stack due to the swift adoption of Generative AI and its expanding role in software creation. In addition to the recently launched FSO platform, Cisco introduced Model Observability, empowering customers to monitor both models and APIs.

We’ve said before that Cisco and our partners are greater together. As we navigate the ever-expanding frontiers of Artificial Intelligence together with our partners, Cisco stands at the forefront—not merely as an observer but as a catalyst for transformative change. Our journey, rooted in decades of AI expertise, propels us to power, connect, secure, and observe AI in ways that empower our partners and customers to embrace its full potential.

Cisco is not just navigating the future; we are actively shaping it. With a commitment to powering workloads, leveraging data intelligently, propelling innovation, and harnessing the true power of AI, we are trailblazing towards a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives.


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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales