Usually when you hear the phrase “more with less,” it means you’re expected to produce more with fewer resources. Good news: We’re flipping that around and giving you more protection on more Cisco solutions with less time and energy spent getting registered…

Today, we launched a new, intuitive deal registration platform that provides speed without compromise. It saves time during registration and approvals by using a guided experience. You simply enter your bill of materials, and our AI-driven system automatically evaluates the information and determines the best, stackable benefits for each deal based on your eligibility. Logic that’s built into the menu prevents conflicts that could slow down the approval process. It’s so simple, it minimizes training and lowers administrative costs. It takes frustrating guesswork out of registering deals by distilling 20+ program names down to just three behavior-driven rewards, so you can focus on the business of making customers successful.

Cisco’s Partner Programs Lead the Industry

Simplified deal registration is just one example of how Cisco is defining the industry standard for the partner experience in partner competency programs and rewards. It also establishes a flexible platform we will use to better align the new Cisco Partner Program, a unified program that’s structured around the roles you serve in and how you create value for customers, instead of how you transact with Cisco. The Cisco Partner Program assures customers that you are proficient in delivering world-class Cisco solutions, whether as an Integrator, Provider, Developer and/or Advisor.

Driving Flexibility Through Innovation

Finally, we are working to offer more options for Enterprise Agreement lifecycle protection within deal registration. This will allow you to expand on or renew current agreements or offer recurring subscription services. You can also create unique sets of offerings to meet Customer Experience and Small Business solutions’ needs or joint projects with other ecosystem partners.

Simplified deal registration ensures that every partner can easily and consistently leverage all eligible benefits. Please try the new deal registration platform, and let me know if you think it delivers more with less.

Check out the simplified deal registration experience
and play the “Race for the Deal” game.



Marc Surplus

Vice President, Partner Strategy & Programs

Global Partner Sales