At Cisco, partnerships are at the heart of everything that we do. Driving the power of these partnerships are our amazing people – not just in the partner sales teams but in our world-class partner ecosystem. This didn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of 27 years of cultivating some of the deepest GTM relationships seen in the technology channel.

Across the globe, “managed services” and “as a a Service” models are quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. By letting your managed services providers handle your business’s digital needs, you can free up your time and resources to focus on growing your core business, drive better cash flows and better outcomes.

At Cisco, we are working closely with our Partners, to drive enhanced Customer experiences and better business outcomes for our customers, through our Managed Services portfolio and GTM. For our partners, this means improved profitability, predictable revenue streams and differentiated offerings.

But why Cisco Partner Managed Services?

At Partner Managed Exchange which happened last week, we covered how to build your knowledge, scale your business, and exchange innovative ideas within Cisco’s Partner Ecosystem. The event, which happened in Singapore and attended by our valued partners from across the region, covered a broad range of topics including; the differentiated offers from Cisco – driving a range of use cases, Cisco’s Partner Managed Services Strategy, among others.  We also discussed how Cisco is driving both Commercial model innovation and Technology innovation to support our Managed Services Partners in the region. We discussed how we leverage Cisco’s Connected Platforms, Automation and Standardization to enhance the partner’s ability to drive differentiated offers in a more effective, efficient and streamlined manner. All leading to better outcomes for partners and our customers.

Finally, sustainability is a key focus not only for Cisco, but businesses of all sizes.  Cisco is committed to helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals through our partner managed services. We are committed to supporting our partners as they make this transition, by providing the technology, tools, and expertise they need to deliver world-class managed services.

Of course, selling managed services is not without its challenges. It has implications on transforming your business model, Resources, processes and infrastructure. We at Cisco are committed to building differentiated offers together with our partners, for our mutual end customers and with them every step of the way as they embark on this journey!


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Geofran Thadikaran

APJC Region Partner Lead for Managed Services

Strategic Partners and Cloud Business