The Suez Canal. The discovery of the double helix. The polio vaccine. What do these things have in common? Each was a game-changing moment.

And now, Lifecycle Advantage is poised for yet another game-changing moment of its own.

Introducing Success Program Insights

Cisco and partners can now work together to deliver customer success at scale. With Success Program Insights, Cisco provides partners the combination of customer data, rich insights and analytics, recommended actions and digital customer journeys they need to lead their customers through the lifecycle.

Partners in Lifecycle Advantage have long had the ability to determine which customers receive co-branded digital journeys, as well as to identify the right customer contacts to engage. Now, partners have an expanded view into the insights they need. Up-to-date information like where a customer is in their journey and whether they may be stalled, customer telemetry data and usage health scores – even recommended actions and playbooks to help partners take the right next steps.

This programmatic approach increases efficiency and transforms lifecycle insights into recommended actions to prioritize at-risk customers, allowing customer success managers to drive targeted actions, when needed, to overcome adoption barriers, address customer risk, and help customers progress through the lifecycle journey.

Focusing on customer success throughout the lifecycle helps partners differentiate their practices, increase profitability, provide superior customer experiences, and engage more closely with customers.

Consider these numbers:

  • Attracting new customers costs companies five times more than renewing existing customers
  • A customer is four times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related than if it is price or product related.
  • Just a five percent increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%

The value of customer experience cannot be underestimated. Best-in-class partners lean into customer success and a lifecycle-first approach to selling. These partners better deliver the business outcomes their customers need and simultaneously grow their own business results.

Results Matter

Lifecycle Advantage has been phenomenally successful in helping partners accelerate their customers’ time to value, drive higher adoption rates and orchestrate higher renewal rates through the use of digital journeys.

Last year, we released Renewals Commerce Automation, elevating our partners’ ability to be more proactive by delivering automatically generated, online-orderable renewal quotes to customers in the long tail of the business. The earliest adopters of this AI-driven approach are already seeing results, including higher renewal rates and a lower cost of sale.

But we’re just getting started.

Customers want an outcome-driven experience; partners want to build on the solid foundation of transparency Cisco has nurtured for more than 25 years. Success Program Insights is one more example of both. With no extra effort, partners have updated information at their fingertips and customers get better service.

As always, we continue to evolve every aspect of Lifecycle Advantage – including Success Program Insights. With partner input and feedback, it can only get better. At the moment, Success Program Insights are only available on Campus Network (Cisco DNA Center) accounts but additional programs – including Endpoint Protection, ACI and Secure Firewall – are coming soon.

We’re a partner-led, customer experience-based organization; Success Program Insights is just one more way we’re changing the game – for partners and for customers.

Take your customer success practice to the next level.

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John Stone

Senior Director, Digital Customer Experience

Customer Experience Organization