As the global pandemic continues and it becomes clear not everyone is able to return to the office, a new model has emerged: the hybrid workplace. As our customers work to empower their employees in this new normal, they need a consistent experience for their entire workforce that enhances the productivity of all team members. Leveraging collaborative office configuration and technology for seamless connectivity addresses our customers’ four main strategic priorities to achieve this goal, namely powering hybrid work, reimagining applications, transforming infrastructure, and securing the enterprise.

This is not merely a trend – 53% of large organizations are planning to reduce their office footprint to optimize real-estate utilization. What’s more, 48% of CIOs predict that more than 50% of their IT budget will be spent to bring pandemic technology investments to full potential. Going forward, 98% of all meetings will have at least one remote participant.

When implemented correctly, the hybrid workplace offers many advantages. In the short term, this model offers companies the ability to remain operational and generate revenue while trying to manage the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. In the long term, it offers flexibility for those who want or need it. It cuts down on organizations’ real estate costs and allows employers to tap into a wider talent pool, attracting and retaining more skilled and diverse employees across multiple geographies. Most importantly, studies suggest that remote working can enhance productivity through greater flexibility, increased focus, and a better work/life balance.

Cisco’s hybrid work solutions are Inclusive, Flexible, Supportive, Secure and Managed, delivering modern infrastructure, frictionless administration
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For Cisco, using technology to empower a workforce and transform workspaces is not a marketing message…it’s our culture. With over 15 years’ experience, continued innovation, and a comprehensive technology portfolio Cisco can help any organization provide simple, smart, and secure hybrid work experiences – from the office to the home and everywhere in between.

We accomplish this by powering hybrid work through two strategic offers. Hybrid Workforce (formerly Secure Remote Work) empowers a workforce with secure access and collaboration anywhere they choose to work. Hybrid Workspaces (formerly Trusted Workplace) transforms every type of workspace by bringing together networking, security, and collaboration to enhance health and well-being, safety, and efficiencies.

From a technology standpoint, these offers include Cisco Collaboration, Security, and intent-based networking as part of the foundational platform to achieve a robust and resilient workplace. Cisco’s best-of-breed hybrid workforce solution lets companies stay a step ahead because it offers five key benefits to address the unique requirements of this unique workforce. Cisco’s hybrid work technology is:

  • Inclusiveoffering equal experiences for everyone
  • Flexibleadapting to any work style, role, environment
  • Supportivefocusing on safety, empathy, and well-being
  • Securebeing secure by design, private by default
  • Manageddelivering modern infrastructure, frictionless administration

Our partners play a key role in enabling this hybrid workplace. They are at the forefront of how we help our customers pivot their business models, enable secure remote access, and drive operational efficiencies across the entire enterprise. We rely on their knowledge of third-party ecosystem integrations to complement Cisco’s capabilities and support the customer business requirements throughout the lifecycle.

As more businesses embrace the hybrid model, it presents a tremendous opportunity for our partners to leverage their expertise and unique value-add. It also provides a co-sell opportunity to partners with extended partners to build more complete hybrid workforce solutions.

Going forward, it is clear the future of work is hybrid – and the most successful companies will be the ones that can make every experience as secure, inclusive, and engaging as being face to face.

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Andres Sintes

Global Senior Director, Partner GTM

Global Partner Organization (GPO) - Digital Transformation & IoT