I imagine many of us reflect from time to time on the journey from college to current career achievements. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s common to think about those first days in college, or that first semester, or even the first time sitting in a big auditorium absorbing the atmosphere, listening to the teachers share insights on what’s needed to earn a degree in a chosen field of expertise.

With every little step, each year brought more empowerment, more knowledge and confidence to go out into the world, pursue the dream job, make a difference and fulfill personal goals.

My journey has been much the same – filled with planning, excitement, navigating obstacles and a certain amount of reflection at various milestones. While I was still in school, I was completely focused on the next chapter of career until a classmate said, “Yes, it’s exciting. But when is this part ever going to end?”  To her, graduation seemed unreachable.

Ten years later, we met again, catching up on our lives and careers. By the end of that conversation, we both realized how much of it centered around what we’d learned in our jobs after graduation. We had a good laugh realizing that graduation had only been the beginning —  and learning never stops. She said, “the day you stop learning is the day you are not alive!”

It is the same for our partners in their businesses.  Every day is about learning and making an effort to stay on the cutting edge of IT advancements. In our Cisco IoT division, that is especially true because the landscape changes so quickly.  That’s why we offer a college experience for our partners by offering enablement to support them on their way to success.  And in our IoT Partner Enablement Path they even graduate to become IoT Authorized!

Here are four reasons why it’s a good time for Cisco Partners to get IoT Authorized

It´s your route to become an expert

Learn how to guide your customers to understand and get started on their IoT journey! Customers need to create a positive impact and business outcomes, and it all begins with connecting things.

Be part of the growing IoT business

The number of businesses that use IoT technologies has increased from 13 percent in 2014 to about 25 percent today, according to McKinsey. The worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion by 2023. Partners can grow their business by learning how to sell, implement and support Cisco IoT solutions and deliver industry leading technology to customers.

Expand your opportunities 

IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services. IoT-driven innovations build strong business cases, reduce time to market and increase return on investments.  Becoming IoT Authorized expands those opportunities even more.

Increase your profitability and gain unique IoT Authorized rewards

The integrated architecture of hardware, software and security offerings addresses our partners’ core needs so you can streamline IoT initiatives for customers and realize value sooner. Cisco’s IoT Authorized partners have exclusive access to learning maps, training opportunities and expert support.

Our opportunities to learn never end, especially when it comes to fast-changing technology.  Cisco’s IoT Enablement path starts here, and we are committed to adding more support so the learning journey continues and our partners are empowered as the experts customers – and industry — need.



Helena Polakova

Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization (GPO)