What’s your technology strategy? Here’s how we help partners deliver

From agriculture to waste management, technology now plays a fundamental role in every industry. Running a taxi company? Technology makes it work. Selling apparel online? Massive technology. Pick any industry or brand, and technology has become a common thread for breakthrough innovation and business success.

The rise of digital transformation has pushed the role of technology to the forefront. What was once an in-house, do it yourself effort has become the heart of the business model that is likely best managed by an experienced, trusted technology services partner.

No matter the industry, product or service, partner managed technology services enable better connections between business and people, driving increased productivity, more actionable insights, and better business outcomes. Best of all, a managed approach can save budget by delivering flexible and scalable technology – not too much or too little, just right.

Cisco Capital gives partners a holistic way to accelerate their customer’s digital transformation journey. Although choosing the best digital transformation strategy may seem daunting, consider these five insights to help make the transition an easy one.

1. Understand the challenge. The first step in digital transformation often has little to do with technology, and everything to do with identifying the problem you are trying to solve. Once that question has been answered, it’s a matter of finding the right technologies to solve it and understanding how it will influence operational impacts such as customers, partners, security, and data privacy.

2. Understand the ROI. Clearly, organizations undertaking a digital transformation should consider the big financial picture before taking the plunge. Today, there are many flexible payment options available, including bundling hardware, software, and services to optimize spend and minimize cash flow issues. The costs can even be divided into a monthly subscription or a consumption model for additional flexibility.

3. Tap the power of an ecosystem. One way to ensure a successful digital transformation strategy is by collaborating with a technology provider with deep experience and knowledge. At Cisco, we collaborate with partners globally to provide a broad view of the main challenges partners and their customers face in their digital journey. Because our partner network goes through a training and accreditation process, we can ensure that customers get the best, most informed insights and decisions along the way.

4. Consider an Agile approach. Many organizations are using the Agile methodology approach to free themselves of the technology burden and let them focus on whatever they do best. This increased agility lets businesses pursue opportunities where they have a unique, competitive advantage, supercharging innovation and opportunity.

5. Stay ahead of the competition. Shifting from DIY IT to a services model is a huge boon for businesses who need to adapt quickly to avoid technology obsolescence. They are no longer tethered to an internal, aging technology stack that can be hard to manage. Vendor financing can transform this experience for businesses much in the way that technology has transformed the retail experience for consumers: think faster, more modern, and easier to use and manage.

Successful organizations of all sizes are figuring out how to invest strategically in digital transformation. Working with a trusted partner that can provide the knowledge, architecture expertise and relationships to help maximize resources is a great way to get started.

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Sven Jirgal

Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Field Marketing

Cisco Capital