It started with a question: what if we could track medical equipment the way we track packages?

That’s what our STANLEY Healthcare partner asked themselves while building a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform with Cisco’s Wi-Fi-based solution. As a result, they transformed how medical centers enhance and protect their most critical assets – their people, patients, devices, and business.

Combining hardware and software, STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS platform uses a hospital’s Wi-Fi network (that’s run on Cisco Wi-Fi technology) to update a mobile asset’s status and location via small radio frequency tags. The solution tracks in real-time hospital assets, including infusion devices, telemetry units, ventilators, beds, wheelchairs, etc. The same technology also supports staff safety and helps hospitals optimize patients’ flow through operating rooms and emergency departments. It even protects newborns through its STANLEY Healthcare Hugs system.

Fast forward to 2020, and the pandemic has increased the need for STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS platform innovation. While COVID-19 has been disruptive, it also accelerated digital transformation strategies for many hospitals, such as in the UK. The UK government set a mandate for all National Health Service (NHS) hospitals to immediately adopt digital transformation initiatives. This happened as STANLEY Healthcare was working with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT), which manages hospitals in Yorkshire in the UK. They had been in talks for two years about adopting STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solution as part of their digital transformation strategy. COVID-19 accelerated that adoption timeline.

Today, STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solution has enabled CHFT’s clinical staff to quickly find available assets that are clean and ready for use. The biomedical team can now efficiently manage the cleaning and maintenance process. Everything was done remotely and within a week! And, since the hospitals run on Cisco Wi-Fi technology, it was easy for the STANLEY Healthcare team to work with the staff to manage, inventory, and tag 1,000 pieces of equipment. Additionally, with the RTLS solution, they will be able to keep medications at a constant temperature protecting their patients’ safety while cutting down on costs.

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Julia Chen

Vice President

Global Partner Transformation