We have found ourselves in this wonderful season again. A season of giving, sharing, and remembering—a unique opportunity to slow down and be with those who bring you immense joy and peace.

We have worked hard this year and we’ve all exhibited limitless grit and determination to see that our partners were fueled for success. The efforts of our invaluable distributors have propelled our reach beyond what we could do alone and there lies the true value of partnership.

Looking back at success in Cisco services, software, and renewals

This year I have seen many areas where we have seen growth and success, but the area I’d like to highlight is in Services and Renewals.

  • Between the Cisco Services and Renewals team at Cisco and our distributors, we have transformed our value specific to CX including, premium services sales, enterprise agreements (EA) acceleration, and aggregating renewals between services and software.
  • The way distributors are supporting partners through disti-led offers around Cisco Enterprise Agreements (EA) has helped to drive multi-architecture sales and incremental expansion opportunities.
  • With Customer Success as a key priority, our distributors have been monumental players in helping customers experience and realize business outcomes through working with 2T Partners.
  • By expanding our A La Cart to EA campaigns in support of new logos and franchises, we are supporting customers in consolidating multiple subscriptions into a single contract. We have seen how this helps relieve the fatigue of migrating multi-vendor infrastructures into your customer’s solution by having it all under a single vendor.
  • In addition, our Renewals Rates across the entire portfolio continue to reach new heights. Distributors are supporting partners by capturing long-tail business with their commerce automation capabilities.
  • We’ve seen monumental triple digit year-over-year growth in the Success Tracks and customers realizing the value are becoming customers for life!

Looking ahead

While Services and Renewals successes are just a single area in Cisco’s business, it’s been a privilege to be a part of so many more successes across the other business areas, and their investments and efforts do not go unnoticed.

We have much to be thankful for, and our partnership with our Distributors is just the start. I would be remiss to leave out my gratitude to my family and friends. Have the happiest of holidays and we’ll see you in 2024.



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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales