Independence. The United States and many other countries have fought for it. Teenagers desperately seek it out. It has invaded every aspect of our shopping practices from self-check to buy now online. And now, it’s bringing corporations’ peace of mind when it comes to protecting their data centers and cloud.

Cisco Hypershield is a groundbreaking solution that features a new distributed architecture integrating network and workload enforcement points under a unified management system. In fact, this kind of independence is so revolutionary, corporations can feel empowered to take the backseat in how their modern applications are more effectively secured.

Embrace the Freedom

Since Cisco Hypershield enables superior efficacy, enhanced experiences, and better economics in securing customer application infrastructures and systems at AI scale, IT experts can experience a type of freedom seldom known before. Cisco Hypershield places security enforcements exactly where and when it’s needed, seamlessly at cloud speed and in highly distributed environments.

This solution has some key benefits:

  • Protection that reaches all areas of a customer’s network and taps into a broad range of previously unreachable workload and network enforcement points.
  • Close exploit gap that blocks application exploits in minutes, employs surgical compensating controls, and tests against live production traffic for optimal effectiveness.
  • Segmentation that continuously adapts, learns, and applies highly specific controls.
  • Management that is unified across the network with workloads to deploy software, policy updates with confidence and the enablement of safe testing without risking operations.

Unimaginable Freedom from Today’s Realities

Cisco Hypershield has some capabilities that were previously unimaginable to address customer realities like distributed exploit protection, autonomous segmentation, and self-qualifying updates. I’d like to share two of the key components of this solution.

AI- Native

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It’s literally giving us more freedom with our time, opening language barriers, and helping us when we shop online or even think about shopping online. Cisco’s Hypershield solution was designed from the ground up with AI integration. This solution can systematically write, test, deploy, and manage its own rules while the AI assistant explains the analysis, behaviors, recommendations, and more.

Unified Cloud Management

Isn’t it nice when you have a centralized way to organize and manage your life? Most people have a family calendar that helps them stay on track with all the various activities and requirements for their day. Hypershield has a similar centrally organization and management console. New or updated policies are intelligently distributed to the appropriate enforcement points so your workloads can dynamically adapt to on-prem to public or between servers.

Moving toward Security Freedom

Since Cisco Hypershield was just announced, the solution is not ready for orderability. Once this solution is ready for orderability, it will be launched with unified cloud management enabled by Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO).

In the meantime, I highly recommend you learn more about this solution on the Cisco Hypershield SalesConnect page or on the At a Glance. This will be a great opportunity for our distributors, partners, and customers to see a new way of freeing up time so they can focus on other priorities.


Learn more about Cisco Hypershield here


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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales